Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pattern Sale - First Half of March 2011

If you need to get some sewing done for Easter, now is the time to pick up your patterns.

Thursday - Saturday

March 3 - 5

Butterick Patterns - 99 cents each MSRP $10.95 to $19.95 each Excludes See & Sew Limit 10 No Special Orders * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday - Saturday

March 6 - 12, 2011 Simplicity Patterns - $1.99 each MSRP $6.95 - $17.95 each Limit of 10 No Special Orders Excludes "It's So Easy", New Look, Burda & Simplicity Books

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blossom in the Snow

Hi, everyone! Those of you who know me, know that winter is NOT my favorite season of the year. While I'm not overly fond of being cold or having treacherous ice underfoot, the Number One Reason that I dislike this time of year is lack of sunlight and color. Greyed-out colors and dismal days last far too long in my opinion. Although, around here we consistently had a good deal of snow on the ground this winter, and that does a tremendous job of reflecting sunlight and brightening the world around me. So if it must be winter, my motto is "let it snow".

Those who know me, also know that the winter solstice is just about my favorite day of the year because I know that there will be more and more daylight as the days grow longer. By the end of this month, I will be making daily excursions into the yard to see if any little green "shoots" are there to greet me.

I found the most beautiful blossom, full of color and promise, in the snow last Friday evening.
I thought I would share the color and the beauty with you.

This was the first formal event, that she has ever attended,

and there was lots of excitement in the air.

I love the beading and the embroidery on the bodice and skirt panel of this very simple gown.

Her hair was pulled up and sparlies added.

And yes, it was too cold, even for this flower, to be outside, so she bundled up in a warm coat and headed off with her friends for a wonderful evening.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pattern Sale - February 2011

I seem to be running a little late on this one - Starting today Butterick and Vogue Patterns are on sale for the weekend.

Friday thru Sunday
February 4- 6, 2011

Vogue Patterns - $3.99 each
MSRP $11.95 to $30.00 each
Limit 10
No special orders
Butterick Patterns - $1.99 each
MSRP $10.95 to $19.95 each
Excludes See & Sew
Limit 10
No Special Orders
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