Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fancy Holiday Dress American Girl Doll

Sometimes, but not always, when I see one of my finished doll dresses, I get so excited because it is exactly what I envisioned from its inception in my mind. This is one of those times!!! I truly love this dress. The colors are cool, like a snowy winter's midnight.

Midnight and Sparkles

From now to Christmas, my thoughts will have to turn to baking and cooking. . . so this is the last thing to go on my Etsy shop before Christmas. I do have one more sewing project to finish. . .an outfit for a special little friend.

Hope this Christmastide is especially blessed for each and everyone of you.

Y Blessings,


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Days!

Like, everyone else, my posts have been few and far between of late. What's keeping me busy these days?




Baking Cookies

Caring for our Nursing Student, who has 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted during Winter Break

Training a New Puppy who thinks she needs to TRAIN US on taking her out to piddle every hour on the hour.

Christmas Get-togethers

And just life in general. . .

But mostly I have been trying to get things on my Etsy Shop. Here's the latest -- my third Bitty Baby/Twin outfit. I decided to go trendy with this one, rather than do my usual traditional or historical outfits. I love seeing young girls in this style and thought it would be fun to dress a doll in it. It was sort of nice to step out of my mold for a while and shake things up a little.

I decided to add an extra piece so that some little girl can have two outfits and get some extra play from it. Not like anybody has minutes to spare this month, but if you do and you'd like to take a peek . . . here's a link to my shop.

I know I'm partial, but I love the hat. I guess it does what a hat ought to do . . .
top things off!
Do what's keeping you BUSY these days?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here Comes Suzie Snowflake

Since the Christmas Season is here, I thought I'd show you a festive, little dress I made to sale on my Etsy Shop. This is one of the few Bitty Baby dresses I have made; I usually sew for the AG 18" dolls. My oldest daughter likes it so much, she said if she ever has a little girl, she wants me to make one just like this for her little girl to wear. Nothing like planning ahead. ;D

I had gone to a good deal of trouble setting up the background for this picture of for my shop and was pleased that it gave that Holiday ambiance that I was striving for. When I was done taking the photo, I checked the photo and was pleased with it. Then I took down everything that I had set up for the photo shoot and put it away. It wasn't until the next day when I looked at the photo again that I thought that the dress was missing something. It just didn't look quite finished. It was then that I realized that it needed something at the neck and sleeves to break it up a little. So I couldn't use this photo in my shop, and I just didn't have the energy or the time to set everything back up to get a pic with the same effect.

So I ended up using pics with the bows on the bodice that lacked the Christmas "look", but definitely improved the look of the dress.

I love the fabric for the skirt overlay. It's sheer organza with sparkly snowflakes.

Now, I need to go get started on one for an AG 18" Doll.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Foto Friday Challenge - Feet??????

I originally thought this week's challenge was LITTLE feet, and while I love kissably-sweet, pudgey, little baby feet, and love cute, pitter-pattering, little toddler feet -- they have been scarce around Brambleberry Cottage for such an ever loonnnnng time.
I will admit a little quirk of mine. As feet grow older, they are less and less appealing to me. So, you can see why this challenge could really be a CHALLENGE for me.

Now, I've said that there have not been any LITTLE feet around here for a long, long time, but that is not ENTIRELY true. As a matter of fact, there are these. . .

LITTLE eight-week old feet. . .

sleepy LITTLE feet that came to live with us at Brambleberry Cottage
about a week and a half ago. . .

Prancing, pitter-pattering, follow your nose LITTLE feet. . .

that just have to take a rest every now and again.

Now, if you would like to see some REALLY CREATIVE pictures of feet, head over to join Rebecca for the Foto Friday Challenge. See what next week's challenge is and join in the fun!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pattern Sale at JoAnn Fabrics - First Half of December 2009

We've all been scurrying around trying to complete all the Christmas gifts we are making. Well, maybe not ALL of us, perhaps some of us haven't started yet. If you still need a pattern to make that special gift or holiday outfit, then here are the dates for the pattern sale at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store.

DECEMBER 3, 4, & 5
McCall's Patterns $1.99 each
(MSRP $5.25 - $16.95 each)
Limit of 10
No special orders -- Excludes "Easy Stitch 'N Save"
Vogue Patterns $3.99 each
(MSRP $8.95 - $30.00 each)
Limit of 10
No Special Orders
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