Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday - The Last 4 American Girl Doll Outfits

A sigh of relief passes my lips as I post that I have finally finished my AG Doll & Clothes Lot Project. After a decidedly hard push these last two weeks, I finished the last four outfits and today set up the auction on Ebay.

I designed the pattern for this lavender gingham nightgown. I'm pleased with the results; I like that it is frilly and feminine. I also crocheted a pair of fluffy, white slippers with little lavender bows to go with it. Teddy will snuggle with her as visions of sugar plums dance in her head.

Although this might look like a dress, it is actually a top and twirly skirt. I made it that way so that it could also be mixed and matched with the other items.

This trendy white eyelet lace shirt is also my pattern design and is teamed with pink slacks and a pink visor (embellished with a purple butterfly).

You've seen the top before, but I finished the cuffed, lavender shorts.

C'est finis!!!

So what crafty things have you been up to this week?

The Whole Kit 'n Kaboodle - AG Doll

Monday, November 24, 2008

Groman's Chinese Theater

Groman's Chinese Theater has nothing on us. A check on our bird feeder station this morning sent my younger daughter racing back into the house for her camera. She wanted to record the footprints that she found in the freshly fallen snow.

Aww...A cute litte tweety bird!

I t'ot I saw a puddy tat. . .
I did, I did, I did see a puddy tat!!!!!

So, she left her own footprints to stand guard . . .

just as a reminder to that mean ol' puddy tat.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I was just musing on the many reasons I have to give thanks. Among those at the top of my thanksgiving list is a sweetheart of a girl who volunteered to ferry Bill back and forth to work until he can again drive. Chas always has a smile on her face and has been so pleasant about going a little out of her way each day to pick Bill up. She has saved me countless hours that I would have had to drive (about 3 hours a day). So you can see why I am so thankful for her and her willing spirit. So this week, I intend to make a pumpkin roll for her as a thank-you gift ESPECIALLY FROM ME.

Bill had a check-up with his orthopedic surgeon this past Tuesday and the report was truly encouraging. Bill now has 80% flexion of his knee, no pain, a 8 inch surgery scar that is barely visible, and . . .

permission to set aside his crutches and EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE & HEAVY brace whenever he is in the house. That means sleep at night, because it also means that he may sleep without that extremely uncomfortable brace. Sleep is a sweet thing! He must still wear his brace when he leaves the house.

The doctor is WELL-PLEASED by his progress and said that at Bill's next check-up in 4 weeks he should be able to say good-bye to the brace for good.

So, although I have MANY, MANY more reasons to give thanks to God for His blessings, these two are definitely high on my list.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You Melanie

You may have noticed that there is a slight change in the appearance of Brambleberry Cottage. I have really wanted to have three columns here, but had no idea how to go about achieving my desire. Well, yesterday Melanie at Merchant Maidens was sweet enough to do it for me. So you will begin to see other little changes as I begin to rearrange things a little here. (Do not expect to see the changes tomorrow -- too many other projects to work on right now, but perhaps this will be one of my goals for 2009.) Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge Melanie's kindness and to thank her.
After Christmas, I'll have a little something else to share with you about Melanie and a certain give away. In the meantime, click on the Merchant Maidens button above and check out her blog. It is full of money making endeavors you can do from home.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday - Edwardian Style Dress for American Girl Doll

Wasn’t it Saturday just yesterday? Can seven days REALLY go by that fast?

Truth of the matter is – I just have TOO many craft projects going on at the same time. They are all gifts (except these I am sharing with you today), and I haven’t even started those that I’d like to make for Christmas. I’m working on each project in the spare moments I have between homemaking and homeschooling. Hmm, is there such a thing as spare moments between the two?
I have completed two of the items on which I was working – the red, cuffed shorts for the mix and match and the Edwardian era dress I wanted to add to my American Girl ebay project. (You can see all the items for my AG ebay project here and here). This is the outfit she will be wearing when she is sold. I am really pleased with it as I designed the dress from an illustration in one of the early publications of Samantha Learns a Lesson. I chose to make it from a cotton fabric that has cream and salmon roses on a dark burgundy background. The fabric just reminds me of Christmas in that bygone era. The blouson bodice is accented with a self-fabric collar trimmed in white lace. The drop waist is accented with white satin ribbon and bow in back.

This is the actual doll that I will be ebaying with the clothes lot. I still have to buy shoes for her, as the ones she is wearing belong to Molly. And that just would not do!

I’m really going to have to get moving if I want to auction it in time for Christmas. If not I’ll have to wait for next year.

So what have you been crafting recently?

We are still anxiously waiting for Shereen's return to

Until then, if you would like me to link to your project this week, just leave a comment telling me where I can find your blog and project and I'll add it to this post.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Like many others all across our country, I have been slightly unnerved by this past week. Although I realize that those things that come to pass are the providence of God, and that no one rules without the consent of the Almighty; still I wonder what treasured rights and privileges have we just handed over without a second thought. Restless, perplexed, and contemplative has been my mood these past few day, yet still I rest in my Savior and trust in His Word.
When I am in this frame of mind, it is good for me to step away from it all. Often for me this means a day trip with my family. Today, Bill and I, along with our kiddos took a ride to one of my favorite places, a wonderful area that is almost like a step back to a quieter, gentler place and time -- Kishacoquillas Valley.

It was overcast today; so these pictures are a VERY POOR representation of this beautiful, wide valley that is checker-boarded by mile after mile of small, orderly Amish and Mennonite Farms.

One peaceful farm blends into the next.

Work horses pulling plows and cornstalks bound in the field are commonplace.

You can see why the locals call this Big Valley.

At many of the farms are small signs that announce a cottage industry such as quilts, rugs, woodworking, or leather work. My excuse for going there today was a visit to a fabulous bulk dry goods store. I picked up some wheat bran, molasses, cheese, and meat.

With such a large Amish population, horse and buggies are a common sight. In warmer months, Wednesdays are livestock auctions and market day. Then you see countless buggies on the road and tethered at the small local shops.


I came home feeling quite relaxed (as I always do) if not a bit wistful for a simpler way of life.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something Is A Little Squirrel-y !

What's This?

Harvest Pumpkins?

Y Nope, just my pumpkins Y
It was Saturday afternoon and squirrel hunting season to boot! Bill could sit still no longer! So Dad - armed with his walking stick - and the kids - armed with their firearms - headed off to the woods to hunt squirrel together!

That's when this little fellow stopped by for a snack.

When the hunters away the squirrels will play!!!

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