Monday, November 24, 2008

Groman's Chinese Theater

Groman's Chinese Theater has nothing on us. A check on our bird feeder station this morning sent my younger daughter racing back into the house for her camera. She wanted to record the footprints that she found in the freshly fallen snow.

Aww...A cute litte tweety bird!

I t'ot I saw a puddy tat. . .
I did, I did, I did see a puddy tat!!!!!

So, she left her own footprints to stand guard . . .

just as a reminder to that mean ol' puddy tat.


Vickie said...

TOO CUTE!! I LOVE Twetty Pie.

That snow makes me COLD!!

Deb said...

Snow!! I miss the snow!! We live in the deep south and snow is the one thing I miss from our living in Colorado.
My deepest blessings on your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Mom2fur said...

These are really clever! I think you should mat and frame them, and use them as part of your 'winter decor.'
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do love to sew, and it really is fun to make things for others!
(Wait until my friend sees the Charlie Brown Christmas apron I'm making for her!)

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