Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is what the front garden looked like about three weeks ago, but now my lovely, red tulips have all faded. I have been trying to have something blooming all the time. Now it is the rich, deep purple irises time to shine.

The following is an inventory and progress report, mostly of the plants that I planted last year.

First up is the raspberry bushes at the end of the yard. Most had been nibbled away by the local wildlife over the winter, so I was quite surprised to see them coming back green and healthy. (Note to me: be sure to protect them in the fall if you ever want them to grow.)

The aforementioned irises which were a near giveaway at the amish market. I had far more than I could plant and so they traveled with a friend to her new home. This is my favorite color of iris, and they are blooming very well.

Along the back of the house, the Lillies of the Valley are in bloom. I got these at the church flower exchange last year. All last summer, they looked terrible. I didn't think they would make it this year, but they have popped up this year with even more shoots. I love the fragrance of these flowers.

This Dwarf Bleedingheart was also acquired at the church's yearly perrenial exchange. This plant is planted at the back of the house and is truly thriving. I'm really excited about it.

I love this dainty little ground cover. I must confess that I don't know what it is or whether it is planted with the right sun exposure. (I've been to lazy too look it up. If any of you happen to know what it is, feel free to let me know.) I've planted it at the back corner of the house in partial sun. It's spreading like wildfire which is quite alright with me. It, also, came from last year's flower exchange.

This little sprout is a deep fushia Rose of Sharon. I planted a seed from a Rose of Sharon at the side of the house in a pot last fall and wintered in the schoolroom. It is about 18" tall and planted at the divide between our drive and our neighbor's lane. I thought I would like a splash of vibrant color seen from the road in the summer. I need to mulch over the garden fabric yet.
So now I can check back here next year to see how my plants are progressing.

Y Blessings,



Rebecca said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! Oh my!

Everything looks to be doing wonderfully well~I am shocked at your bleeding heart! That is stunning!

I planted my irises right by the front door but only one side is blooming~I don't think the other side gets enough sun so I will have to dig them up and transplant them somewhere else. It did get enough sun, but then the leaves filled out on the trees! :-) The blooming ones are a light purple.

I heard that the perennial exchange was a few weekends ago. Did you go and what did you get?! I'd love to hear!

Rebecca said...

PS. I forgot to tell you~I forget the name of the groundcover too-but wherever you have it is where it ought to be---it is doing WONDERFULLY well! I have some too, (from the same plant exchange) and it is growing well, but not flowering as much. It is on the shade side of the house and might use a bit more sun. But oh well.

Nanci said...


I didn't go to the plant exchange this year. Last month was a logistics nightmare. . . too many things with deadlines were due and I was just running out of time & steam. You know my philosophy of keeping our life as simple as possible; well, last month the demands of the State took over to thwart me. Oh, to live in a state that just allowed a parent to homeschool their own children without being so intrusive.

Anyway, I was afraid that with everything else, I might not have the time to get things in the ground quickly enough -- even if I could make time to go to the plant exchange.

Maybe next year!!!!

Heather said...

Lovely, lovely! I especially love the lilies of the valley and the bleeding hearts. :)

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