Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Concert

Well, Tuesday night was the big night. Our community chorale presented their Spring Concert. Here's a picture of them decked out in their concert finery, and our homeschool senior was among them as noted. She beamed the whole time, she enjoyed the music so much. (It makes me wish I had suggested her joining when she had first entered highschool.)

Many of the members asked her if she would be coming back next year. As much as she would love to; she will have to take a two year hiatus until she finishes college. She was their youngest member this year; most of the group is thirty and up. I think they enjoyed having young blood among them.

Our community is very supportive of this group, and the "house was packed". The selection of music presented was varied, including pieces in Latin and French, as well as a tango, a "swing" piece, a few patriotic pieces, and the debut of a piece written especially for the chorale.

The director, who volunteers her time, is very gifted and thoroughly enjoys what she is doing; the chorus truly responds to her. It was a wonderful evening, a great time to forget all the concerns that often consume us.

As promised, here is the pic of M** in her outfit. I truly love this blouse; it is just so becoming. I must say we REALLY cut this one close, finishing up only an hour or so before she was out the door to the concert. WHEW!!!

A couple of the ladies in the group knew that she had been sewing her outfit. They commented to her that they really liked it, and that she had better be careful not to let the word get out that she had made it, or she might be flooded with orders from the other members. ;D

Well, that's it for today. Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather!!

Y Blessings,



Mom2fur said...

I bet that concert was a lot of fun. Your daughter looks so beautiful in her blouse. I hope she makes more than one of these, with or without the ruffles. It's very pretty!
I keep meaning to come over and thank you for reading my book about Fiona. I'm flattered that you enjoyed it! Thanks!

Charree said...

The shirt turned out really nice.

Have a blessed weekend!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful Megan! What a great job on the outfit--and you amaze me that you cut it so close but still got it done! WOW!

I just know they are going to miss her!

On the subject of busts, if we can go back-are there any particular style necklines or shirts that are more flattering for busts, I wonder? I will definitely be on the lookout for the pattern you suggested.

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