Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Like Rain that Refreshes

I hate being an observer, and I LOVE being a participant. So it seems that the more I am enjoying myself or the more comfortable I am in a given setting, the fewer photos I take. Such was the case of a wonderful refreshing week with a dear, dear friend of mine. I am shocked when I think that I've really only known her and her family for four years, and that she lived nearby for only two short (much too short) years.

Last week I did something I have not done in twenty-one years of marriage. I spent a week away from home by myself and visited a friend. I have missed her so badly. I have missed talking with her and making things together and enjoying her company. I am often amazed at our friendship; afterall, I am twice her age at this time. Yet, it is as true and cherished a friendship as I have ever had with anyone. And when we get together, it seems to me as if the years between us seem to slip away, and we are just two moms who love Christ Jesus, our husbands, our children, and our homes -- oh yes, and to make things ;-)

It was such an enjoyable week. . .
filled with such things as
having an indoor picnics, when rain interupted our plans to have one outside

Walking in dry creekbeds and finding fossils.

Reading stories

Listening to stories

Cuddling with little ones

Answering the familiar question, Mrs. *, will you tell me a story about when you were a little girl?"

Watching the little "man of the house" helping Mama with chores, as each morning he brought produce from the garden without being asked to do so and helping to feed and water the animals.

Working on projects

And asking Rebecca every question about raising chickens I could think of except, "Why did the Chicken cross the road?"

and snapping a few pictures the very day that I was to come home

of children that love working with their Papa

and working with their Mama

But I knew my visit with them was over when Andrew came in the house on Saturday afternoon and announced, " Mrs. *, I'm sorry to tell you, your family is here." They had come to pick me up. I was so glad to see my family, and so sorry to leave this wonderful friend and her family behind. But first we made plans to have them to come to our house for a week next summer.

Among God's great blessings on our lives are treasured and faithful friends.


Rebecca said...

amen to that last sentence and thank you so much for coming and putting up with us.

It was a great joy for me.

And the children are still talking about it!

I wanted to email you those photos but remember you telling me over the phone your email addy has changed. Do you still have my email and could you send your new address for the photos? Thanks a bunch.

Nanci said...

I sent you an email.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful time and thanks for putting up with ME and sharing your little ones! Tell them I said thanks for sharing their Mama, too.

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