Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Quiet Moment To Write

Well, I'm finally back. It's been a really busy few months, but it's also been rather exciting. I've been learning lots of new computer skills needed for my Maiden Flight Clothing endeavor and, of course, sewing and getting ready for the holidays.

Christmas was very good. Bill was off work the week between Christmas and New Year, so that made the time especially enjoyable for our family. We didn't do any homeschooling during that week, so Orangeblossom, the ManChild, and I were especially pleased about that. (Yes, we have often been known to continue homeschooling when others are out of school on Christmas vacation). The eldest had a much needed break from college work. While her two younger siblings and I have been back in full homeschool mode for 4 days now, she doesn't return to classes until the 10th. Much of her time off has been revamping and organizing her bedroom when she wasn't at work. I can barely believe that she only has one semester to go with her nursing program. This last semester will be a full one for her.

Yes, and she has also been doing some 'modeling" for me. I roped her into modeling these fingerless mitts that I am putting into my Etsy shoppe later tonight. I had made a pair for Orangeblossom for a Christmas gift, and they were a great hit. Then I made myself a pair because I thought they were so "neat", and fit nicely and snugly.. So, I'm going to try them on Etsy. They are a 70% wool blend, washable, and I have found them to be great for driving.

I really like the lacy pattern.

I thought the next two pictures of the "Eldest" were good.

I'm working on a sewing project that is almost finished, but I can't show it here yet because it's a gift. One can't be too careful about prying eyes, you know (wink, wink)!

I, also, wanted to welcome the new "followers" that have joined us here at Brambleberry Cottage. I notice that we have some doll lovers in the group. I don't blog a lot about my doll clothing here now, but you can still see what I am making over at my Maiden Flight Clothing blog. I'm having a Give-away over there duing January. Check it out, if you'd like.

There's been a good response to the patterns that I resized to fit Karito Kid dolls for Liberty Jane Clothing, so it's been agreed that I will proceed resizing some more of them. I started on that project last evening.

Well, if I plan on getting my "to do" list for THIS evening completed, I better get off here and get moving.

I hope this finds all of you well, and that 2011 holds great blessings for each and everyone of you.


Full of Grace said...

The bottom pic is so nice! :) Fingerless gloves can also be used in conjunction with the thinner knit gloves (I have a pair myself, that were made that way, and they are so stylish (but also a little warmer) It might be thought to add a photo/ a note on your etsy store that they make a stylish addition to simple gloves, if you wanted of course)

They are very pretty, Good Job! :)

Nanci said...


That is such a wonderful idea! That never even occured to me; but on some of these frigid days we have been having, it would definitely added some needed warmth while still being stylish.

Thanks so much for sharing your idea.


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