Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Go With His Big Baby Blues

There is sewing as a chore; I absolutely hate to mend. There is sewing as a job; alterations are not my favorite. There is sewing as an enjoyable, creative outlet; I love seeing creations in my mind becoming fashions for dolls. And then. . .

There is sewing that is truly a labor of love. . . each step of the process is performed with loving thoughts of the one for whom it is being created. In my mind, it must be just the right pattern, the perfect choice of fabric, and have added details to convey "I love you so much, and I want this to show how special you are to me!"

This little outfit fell into the last category for me. . . all the while I was making it, I thought about how I was going to call my dear friend who has moved away and whom I miss so VERY, VERY much and say, " Would it suit you if I came up for a quick visit?" But my hopes were dashed when my youngest was exposed to "Mono" , and I could make no such call. A few weeks later, we learned that she didn't have "Mono" --a fact that we are very happy about but disappointed that we were unable to make the trip to deliver this ourselves and see precious friends again.

After reading a post that the little guy that was to receive this was growing by leaps and bounds, I decided to mail it fearing that he would outgrow it before I could hand deliver it. In truth, after reading that post I feared that it might already be the case. So off it went, without me!

The good new is that it fits, "Mama" says that he even has a little room to spare. I tried something a little different with the leg closure. Instead of snaps, I used a zipper. I am anxious to hear how that worked out for Mama and son. The fabric is a soft-as-velvet miniwale corduroy that I fell in love with.

If you would like to see this little fellow wearing it, there are some gorgeous photos taken by his very talented Mama that you can see by clicking here.


Lana said...

it was a beautiful outfit, mrs. Nanci! er, handsome, i guess that's more fitting. he looked so good in it :)

Caelen12 said...


Full of Grace said...

You did a beautiful job Nanci! I cannot imagine being able to make such beautiful clothing!!!

Nanci said...

Thanks to all for your kind comments. Elizabeth, the cute little dress you just made for your beautiful little girls is exactly how you start. You did a good job on them. Keep sewing regularly, and you will be absolutely amazed at how you much you will improve and what you will be able to accomplish. Read all you can; I rarely leave the library without at least one sewing or needlework book in hand.
As long as you truly love what you are doing, you will end up doing it well.

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