Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sew Late Saturday

It would appear that I am having some difficulty getting my act together. :( My Sew Crafty Friday post has become my Sew Late Saturday post. Getting back into the swing of our homeschool days while still trying to keep up with my other tasks is demanding, and I don't quite have things running smoothly yet. The task of composing this coming week's school schedule had to take priority over posting. So as you can see I'm running around 48 hours behind.

"Anyhoo"... My project for this past week will probably continue to be my project for the next several weeks. I have made and eBay-ed AG doll clothes in the past. However, this year I am going to put a little twist on that. I bought a used American Girl doll that is in EXCELLENT condition. My plan is to make a mix and match wardrobe for her and then, around Christmas time, eBay the doll together with the lot of clothing .

I decided to make a lot of mix and match outfits using two primary color palettes.The first palette that I am working on is this navy blue, red, and white one. When I finish it, I think the other palette will probably be lavender and green. I'm just not sure yet.

As I said I plan to do a mix and match. So far I have sewn a white sleeveless top with lace, a sporty little nautical tee shirt, a pair of navy blue capris, a pair of blue jeans, and a white crocheted poncho and matching cap (not shown). I still want to make a pair of red shorts and a blue denim skirt.

This is not the doll I plan on e-Baying -- she's still in her box. This is my younger daughter's Molly. She's one of my best models, but refuses to work for free. Every now and then she wants to keep one of the outfits for herself. ; )

Here's the nautical tee shirt matched with the flare-leg blue jeans. I took this close-up hoping to show off the white top-stitching on the blue jeans, but it doesn't seem to show up. It would appear that I'm a better seamstress than photographer... 'nuf said.
Just switch the top for a whole new look.

And lastly, the sleeveless top paired with the navy blue cotton capris.

I feel as though I've gotten a pretty good start, but I still have a long way to go.
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Mom2fur said...

Adorable, as usual! Pants are hard enough to sew, let alone for a little doll. I hope Miss Molly is grateful!
Don't feel bad about being 'sew late.' Can I tell you how many times I wrote a SCF post and didn't link it until HOURS later????

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