Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Man-child

I'm not sure just how we would have dug out from "under" all the snow over the past weeks if it had not been for my dear son. Last year Bill had allowed him to try using the snowblower a few times, but he was just a little too short to have good control of it. Bill was unable to handle the snowblower this year because of his recent leg injury, so he had to give our manchild a refresher course.

A year's worth of growing was just the edge needed and this year he had no trouble handling the job.

He was enjoying his new chore way too much! What is it about guys and noisy machines?

We had more clear area around the house than we ever had. He couldn't find enough snow to clear --

He even objected to anyone else shoveling. His little sister was finally allowed to dig around the car tires -- I guess he was feeling generous.

All kidding aside, he really took over and kept us clear and accessible. He really is becoming a man and a GREAT HELP to his dad.


Vickie said...

I've been checking your blog and wondering where you've been. I know now you were hibernating under all that snow like a bunch of bears! BBBRRRRRR
Sure is PRETTY!!

Matt said...

Give Ian an 'atta boy' from me. It look cold outside, but I'm guessing he wasn't complaining.

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