Wednesday, January 7, 2009


When I was younger, it would snow (but not melt) and then it would snow again on top of the first. Little by little the snow on the ground would grow -- ankle-high, knee-high, and sometimes snow drifts above my head. Now I'll grant you that I was shorter then, but it was still pretty impressive. Snow forts, snowball battles, and opportunities for sled riding were plentiful. If we were granted a day off school due to snow in the winter, it was a rarity. I'm showing my age here.

In recent winters, though, we have been getting a little snow now and then. However, even if we get a "big" snow in the last few years, it has melted away within a week. Two-hour school delays for even a skiff of snow are the growing trend. Good snow-y outdoor fun is scarce.

This year however, the latest trend for us seems to be ice storms. We just got pelted with our second one in just about as many weeks. It feels as though we just finished clearing all the broken branches and such from the yard following the last ice storm. Now ice storms don't provide much in the way of outdoor fun, but they sure are pretty. . .

That is until you start to consider the damage they do! The last ice and wind storm managed to rip the roof vent off my sister-in-law's house. Her husband risked life and limb on a ladder, trying to cover it with a tarp before any more interior damage could be done.

But as long as you don't think about the damage that might be occuring around you, or as long as you can stay cozy and warm inside, it really is rather spectacular to look at.

However, today was not one of those mornings that I could stay warm and cozy inside pouring over schoolwork. This morning was the one rare morning when I had to leave the house. I had one of those manditory appointments that have severe repercusions if you miss. So at 8 AM I was leaving the house for a 40 minute drive to my appointment.

This is what our lane looked like. It's a gravel lane, but the gravel was COMPLETELY covered with ice, and the ice was made even more slick by the rain that was falling upon it.

Now I was not the only one leaving the house at this time. My husband's ride for work was an hour late arriving. So he, too, was leaving. The ice on the lane was treacherous. In order to keep Bill upright my son helped him walk down through the yard (which is on a slight grade) rather than walk down the driveway where he could get NO footing. He finally made it to the bottom of the yard and into the car. The driver had come around to help my son steady him as he got into the car. (For those of you who don't know, my husband is recovering from major leg surgery which has limited the range of motion in his leg. Ice underfoot is particularly difficult for him.)

Anyway, he gets settled into the passenger seat, the door still open, when the car begins to slide backwards toward the road WITHOUT A DRIVER. Amid squeals and pounding hearts from the spectator's, he uses his handy-dandy walking stick to reach across to the driver's side and then uses it to push the foot brake. Car stops -- sighs are left out -- prayers of thanksgiving are whispered.

Never a dull moment! Anyone know of any job openings or homes available further South? ;D


Heather said...

Amazing pictures, Nanci--especially of the ice-encrusted pinecone! Glad everyone is safe amidst all the icy travels.

Also, I'd like to ask you a quick question: did you ever make any ribbon socks? I'd love to share your pictures on Bless Your Family if you did! Another friend did some and I thought we could do a "show and tell" one day, if you'd both like to participate. What do you think?

Vickie said...

Okie Dokie Nanci! I blogged about my Christmas present Danny made me. I have got hooked on Facebook and so my Blog gets ignored unless I can post something for money!

Those pictures of the ice storm make me shiver. We are expecting a freeze down here next week and I hope we don't get the ice. We have alot of pine trees that don't stand up too well in ice. BBRRRRRRR!!!

Mom2fur said...

I feel exactly the same about both snow and ice: pretty to look at, but I sure don't want to go out in it!
We have snow today. So far, only about an inch, but another storm is supposed to arrive soon. First they say 7-10 inches, then it was 4-6. I'm predicting 2 inches.
Somehow, it always seems to happen on a weekend, so the kids get gypped of a snow day!
BTW, I don't know why I suddenly developed a taste for sushi. It wasn't something that interested me before, but I gave it a try. You know, it isn't all raw fish. My favorite is shrimp or chicken tempura sushi, which is crispy-fried shrimp or chicken wrapped up in rice, with some cucumber. I don't even mind the nori (that's the green wrapper). You might like California roll, which uses crab (cooked!), avocado and cucumber.
I 'graduated' to raw tuna, which is super yummy and not at all fishy. My son says that's a good start for raw fish. He'd probably eat eel, but I don't think I'd ever be that daring.
One thing I don't like is Philadelphia roll. Somehow, cream cheese combined with raw fish is just...icky!

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