Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here Comes Suzie Snowflake

Since the Christmas Season is here, I thought I'd show you a festive, little dress I made to sale on my Etsy Shop. This is one of the few Bitty Baby dresses I have made; I usually sew for the AG 18" dolls. My oldest daughter likes it so much, she said if she ever has a little girl, she wants me to make one just like this for her little girl to wear. Nothing like planning ahead. ;D

I had gone to a good deal of trouble setting up the background for this picture of for my shop and was pleased that it gave that Holiday ambiance that I was striving for. When I was done taking the photo, I checked the photo and was pleased with it. Then I took down everything that I had set up for the photo shoot and put it away. It wasn't until the next day when I looked at the photo again that I thought that the dress was missing something. It just didn't look quite finished. It was then that I realized that it needed something at the neck and sleeves to break it up a little. So I couldn't use this photo in my shop, and I just didn't have the energy or the time to set everything back up to get a pic with the same effect.

So I ended up using pics with the bows on the bodice that lacked the Christmas "look", but definitely improved the look of the dress.

I love the fabric for the skirt overlay. It's sheer organza with sparkly snowflakes.

Now, I need to go get started on one for an AG 18" Doll.


momawake said...

That's very pretty!

Mom2fur said...

OMG, how sweeeet! I love that headband, and if I had a grand-daughter (not happening soon, alas, since none of my kids are married) I'd want a headband just like that one for her!
"Suzie Snowflake," LOL--now I have Rosemary Clooney singing in my head.

Bonnie said...

That is really sweet Nanci!

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