Monday, March 8, 2010

Pattern Sale - First Half of March 2010

Our oldest daughter is on spring break this week. Since her courses began in August, she has had a full schedule (between classes and working). That leaves precious little for us to spend time together. She needed to head to town today, and I went along. We had a wonderful day talking and laughing. It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with her. Since we both love to sew, we had to stop at JoAnn's. (Simplicity Patterns are on sale this week, and I needed one.)

Patterns are not on sale everyday, but for a few days each month JoAnn usually has certain manufacturer's sewing patterns on sale. Buy your patterns when they are on sale, and you save a bundle.

The pattern sale dates for the first part of March 2010 are:


MARCH 7 - 13, 2010

Simplicity Patterns - $1.99 each
MSRP $6.95 - 17.95 each
Limit of 10
No Special Orders
Excludes "It's So Easy", New Look, Burda
& Simplicity Books

MARCH 18 - 20

McCall Patterns - $1.99 each
MSRP $6.95 - $19.95 each
Limit of 10
No Special Orders
Excludes "Easy Stitch 'N Save"

Vogue Patterns - $3.99 each
MSRP $8.95 - $30.00 each
Limit of 10
No Special Orders

Be sure to check their in-store flyer this week. The one at our local store had coupons inside.

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Bonnie said...

*Smile* So glad it made it there safely- though you would think air-mail would have been faster than it was ;0}

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