Friday, March 26, 2010

Foto Friday Challenge - Spring

Another week has flown by, and it's once again time for the Foto Friday Challenge hosted by Rebecca. The Challenge topic this week is SPRING. (Isn't that a glorious word?)

For our oldest, Spring meant disgarding her long, weighty, winter locks for a fresh new look! It has certainly given new life and bounce to her hair, and (in my opinion) a more mature look.

Two weeks ago this was only a bouquet of daffodils. It amazes me how quickly the hyacinths sprouted and bloomed.

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Rebecca said...

But I can't SEE it!

Love the photo of her (very flattering) but I can't tell how long her hair is now-for all I know, it could be falling down her back just like usual! can I have ANOTHER picture?! pretty please?!

Tracy said...

The picture of your daughter is very cute, and spring-y indeed!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I like the angle for the picture of your daughter. Very nice!

Bonnie said...

Your daughter looks gorgeous, and bouquets! growing in the garden!

I wish my computer was scratch and sniff.....

Terri said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

Jemit said...

cute haircut.. cute little lady.. I love the flower shot too

Mom2fur said...

Your daughter's haircut is beautiful!
Hey, I was just telling Terri over at "Hearts in Service" that photography counts as being 'crafty,' too--so next time, just link your pictures to Shereen's blog.
And you could also show us 'works in progress.' As you saw on my blog, nothing I pictured was anywhere near finished, LOL!

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