Friday, March 19, 2010

Nanci Sings Those Low Down Green "Blues" - Foto Friday Challenge

Have you ever obsessed over something that it made absolutely NO logical sense to obsess over? Well this past week that is exactly what has happened to me. The subject of my obsession was the color green. This has NEVER before happened to me as a result of a Foto Friday Challenge; and truthfully I have yet to determine why it did this past week. Perhaps I have just been cooped up too long this winter with everything outside my window being shades of white or grey.

We road to town last weekend using the back country roads. All along the way I kept seeing green street signs and I tried to think of how I could make them into a really interesting picture. Since we were on country roads, I saw plenty of green John Deere equipment that would make a swell subject of a photo. When we arrived at town, I saw green traffic lights that I mulled over what perspective might make them interesting. In fact, I was so lost in thought about the green things around me that my husband finally asked me if I was okay or was something bothering me. (So, you can see that this girl had a SERIOUS problem). To compound my misery, I did not have my camera with me.

Through the week it continued to be the same for me. Everywhere I seemed to see green -- green lids, green bowls, green fabric, green thread, green houses, and green water towers. I even ran across green scrubs on nurses at the hospital (I had taken my FIL for followup tests at the hospital on --you guessed it--St. Patrick's Day.) And often I was kicking myself because my camera was not is tow.

Late in the week, we once again headed off to town -- Bill at the wheel and me riding shotgun. The difference was that we didn't go the nice scenic country roads. We took the interstate, but I did take my camera this time. The problem is that great green signs fly by much too fast to get a shot. Suddenly, what goes by -- but a tractor hauling this on it's flatbed. It was BIG!! And it was GREEN!!! So the following was taking while riding down the interstate at 65 m.p.h.

The amazing thing to me is that I actually have it in focus. LOL

You can check the speedometer to verify the speed we were going, because like I had been doing all week with other things, I noticed the green-lit dash.

These pics are the wonderful green life that is popping up around me. HOORAY!! This shot is of my propagation pot that sits by our living room window. These cutting were taken last fall, and now have roots and are ready to plant outdoors when the weather permits. I keep meaning to post how to construct and use this wonderfully easy method for increasing your number of plants cheaply.

This is how my Autumn Sedum appears these days. I actually prefer to see it in the spring when it reminds me of little green rosebuds.

This pic and the following one were both taken the same day this week. One doesn't receive as much sun as the other.

You can see the difference a little sun makes. The other thing I notice is that the yellow of these Dwarf Daffodils completely overwhelms the green foliage.

This is a treasure of mine given to me by a dear, sweet lady at church who is in her eighties. She gave it to me when she downsized to go into a smaller apartment. The value for me is that she entrusted me with this vase that holds a wonderful memory from her childhood.

As a young girl in her parent's home she remembers her mother always kept it full of pansies. I planted some pansies at my house so that I could keep up the tradition. However, it is too early for pansies so my Dwarf Daffodils grace it in the spring.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Be sure to scoot on over to Rebecca's place and join her for Foto Friday Challenge. There's always a great assortment of photos echoing the week's category. A wonderful way to start thinking of how things look through a camera lens. Participants are always welcome.


Tracy said...

I always love the sedum in the spring. It reminds me of little cabbages! I love the light on the geranium leaves.

Whew! When you showed the picture of the truck, I thought you were going to say you had been in an accident. I'm glad that wasn't the case!

...they call me mommy... said...

Great shots, Nanci! LOL! Your green love reminds me of myself in the spring...UM, RIGHT ABOUT NOW! I live in the northern midwest and it can be a bit white, brown, grey, white, and did I mention white ;), this time of year!

My favorite is the last one with the daffodils in the beautiful green vase!


Jemit said...

You have flowers already!! So green with envy..

Full of Grace said...

You know it's funny, my favorite is the dashboard to your car- I wouldn't have thought about it, great thinking outside the box! :)

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I really like that vase. All of the green from outside is great.

Yikes! on the truck. Glad you weren't involved in that accident!

Bonnie said...

Even your font color was green!
The vase is my favorite- how beautiful!
I never thought of being given something like that as being "entrusted" with it. Hmm, you've given me something to consider...

Rebecca said...

That vase is beautiful in person, but amazing in sunlight paired with yellow! GORGEOUS!

I have a wee bit of sedum growing too and I *JUST* spied the tiniet bits of leaves poking out for the Irises. yay!

Kelli said...

Beautiful photos! I love the sunlight coming through on the leaves.

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