Friday, September 3, 2010

Patience is a Virtue and Carries Much Wait

I have been working on several sewing projects this week. I have been sandwiching all my sewing in between the starting of our home school year. However, this is the only project that has been totally completed this week.

Last summer, I designed the pattern for these drink stick wallets, so that my husband could carry drink sticks to work with him for breaks and lunch. No, his was NOT in this color. His was in a MANLY black plaid. A few people saw his and liked it.

I made one for my sister. A few of her friend and collegues saw it, liked it, and ordered one from me. I made a few more and sold them around town, and it really seemed like they were becoming a hit. So I decided to put a few in my Etsy shop.
But, that's NOT where these two are heading. They are heading somewhere special and I am really excited about it!

This one, on which I appliqued a heart on the inside, is going to a very special someone.
But that is all I am going to tell you. Until the end of the month, it will have to remain a mystery.
ooooooooooooh, I always wanted to write a mystery!!! ;o)


momawake said...

I remembered where I first saw your blog. It was on Sew Crafty Friday. :)

Nanci said...

Oh, I just loved Sew Crafty Friday. It was always a good motivator for me to get my projects done and posted for Friday. I really miss that Shereen doesn't host that anymore.

Now, that I think about it, I believe that is how I first started visiting your blog as well. That was the other thing about SCF -- I loved seeing all the pretties that everyone else was working on.

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