Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Prototypes for American Girl Doll Clothes

Hi again! Well as you can see from the background in these pictures, fall has arrived in Central PA, and the trees are losing some of their leaves. I think this is mainly the result of dry weather because the leaves have not yet really turned colors. Around here in the mountains, we have beautiful displays each autumn.

I'm still working on some designs for American Girl dolls. Now before you look any further, remember these are just prototypes of the patterns I am working on -- trial runs to check for fit and such. The outfit is not co-ordinated in color, but a girl can't have her picture taken without having her bottoms on, and these were the jeans she was wearing. Okay? 'nuf said.

This is my shirred-front tank top. It can be worn alone or layered over a tee shirt. I'm really pleased with this. Now I am ready to make a couple in a little "snazzier" fabric. Note to self: shorten shirring by about 1/2".

I had been looking for a hobo bag pattern for an 18" doll but hadn't come up with anything that I had pictured in my mind. Then I ran across this full-size purse and just loved it. I knew I had to design a pattern for the 18" crowd.

So I grabbed some paper, pencil, rules, scrap fabric and such and began. I'm pretty satisfied with the results, but I need to "tweek" a few things before I really feel good about the pattern.

Just showing another angle. I think the size is good in proportion to the size of the doll.

I need to widen the tabs that hold the D-rings. I should, also, shorten the length of the tab.
Top stitching should be added for aesthetic reasons I think, especially on the straps. It has good body to stand on its own, and I like the contrasting lining. I think a tab with button closure would be a good detail to add.

One last picture of Sam in her mismatched outfit. . . Tsk, tsk, tsk.
If you have any input or suggestions on these, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Two heads are usually better than one.


momawake said...

Looks like you've been busy. It all looks good to me. :)

Amy said...

CUTE!! I like the shirred top,and hte hobo bag is adorable! ;)

Dubem said...


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