Friday, April 2, 2010

Foto Friday - Egg on My Face

Another week has flown past, and it's time once again for Foto Friday! The topic today is eggs, and I really couldn't come up with an original take on the subject. Since I remembered this picture from the summer of 2008, and since I never gave it blog space, I'll share it with you now. If you would like to see pics taken by those who actually put effort into the challenge this week, click on the button below. It will take you to Rebecca's place where you can join in the fun.


Jemit said...

I searched all over for a robin nest..none, but loads of robins all over the place.. beautiful job

Winterwood said...

cute little nest!

Terri said...

What a neat find!

Dana said...

What a cute nest! We had a nest last year but haven't found any so far this year.

Mom2fur said...

Beautiful! Was that in your own backyard?
Thanks for the comment on my little needle book. You should make one, definitely. It was a ridiculously easy.

Nanci said...


Yes, this robin nest was in our backyard. We were even able to get a picture of the klutch after they hatched.

Last summer we had to cut down one of our trees in the front yard that had roots that were becoming very invasive and causing property damage. When we did, I found a hummingbird nest tucked away and hidden in its branches. I nearly cried to think that they would no longer be able to nest in that tree. In fact, I felt so terrible about the whole thing that, like some school child, I saved the small twig of the tree with the nest still attached to it. It was so small.

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