Monday, June 1, 2009

Change and Growth

So many changes are taking place in our lives. Our babies are becoming young adults. This morning at 6:00 a.m. my baby joined the gainfully employed. And she is rejoicing and thanking the Lord for His goodness in supplying her with a good job for the summer.

My plan had been to take her picture when we left the house this morning, but we were just too rushed, and the light at that time of morning wouldn't have been condusive for a good picture anyway. So I had to settle for snapping a picture of her when she got home this afternoon. After that, she bubbled and chattered telling us all about her training and her day. (And I loved every minute of it!)

She has an enterprising and thrifty spirit, and I am so proud of her. She has thoughtfully and prayerfully considered her goal and how to get there. She asked for advice from Bill and I along the way. NOW she has begun to work her plan. She plans to commute to college in the fall, to work a summer job to earn money to buy a car, to work on getting her driver's license (she needs to get practice on parallel-parking and borrow a smaller car to take her test -- it's murder to be nervous taking a driver's test and try to park a long mini van at the same time LOL).

I'm thrilled as I watch her making the change into adulthood. I sometimes marvel at her level-headedness. She is goal oriented, and we have had many discussions about making our goals with thoughtful, prayerful reliance upon Christ. We have talked about how even our diappointments are God's appointments for our lives. She has been learning many lessons on "waiting upon the Lord" and trusting Him to answer prayer according to HIS will and HIS timing.

It's been a time for her dad and me to step back, entrust her to the Lord and encourage her to "try her wings" . I guess it is a time of change and growth for all of us. . . but then, isn't that what the Christian's life is all about?

Y Blessings,



Rebecca said...

Where is she working?! Way to go you!!!

Heather said...

Congratulations. God's grace and joy to you as you go through this transition! :)

Mom2fur said...

Well, best of luck to your daughter with the new job! My son has been working at the supermarket for a year now. He recently bought himself a game system with money he saved from his earnings. I'm glad that the job is teaching him not only responsibility, but the rewards that come with it.

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