Friday, June 19, 2009

Sewing Patterns for Varied Bust Sizes

I'm sorry that it has taken me a little time to do my homework for this post. However, as I promised last month when I posted a pic of a blouse my daughter had made for her spring concert, I have some information to share on patterns made with the larger busted woman in mind. These patterns have pieces for B, C, & D cup sizes.

Here's how this will work. By clicking on the Pattern number you will be able to see a picture of the pattern. (That is if all goes as planned. :D)

Simplicity Pattern 2758 - Blouse & Skirt

Simplicity Pattern 3827 - 1 or 2 piece Dress

I hope this will be a help for all those who have difficulty finding a pattern that fits their bust size.

So far, I have only scouted out Simplicity patterns. Please leave a comment if you have found this information helpful. The response I get will determine whether I try to check out more pattern companies when I get the chance and post my findings.

Remember, you can save a bundle on patterns by shopping for them on JoAnn Fabric's Sale Days for Patterns.

I've been trying to post the sale dates here each month.

Y Blessings,


1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I am really surprised no one has commented yet.

I for one was GREATLY helped by this post, in fact, I have "saved" it on my bloglines to refer back to. I appreciate you putting the time into this post and am encouraged there may be something that might actually fit me one of these days...but I wonder if I will be skilled enough to actually complete it on my own???

I wanted to tell you~I just made a little boy pleated overall outfit for a friends' newborn and I was So proud of it I VERY nearly mailed it to you first to inspect and then have you send it on your way. I wanted to hop on down the road in the worst way. I think you would be very proud of my work. I did snaps and buttonholes ALL BY MYSELF and really tried to take my time to do quality work.

Once my friend recieves it, I will post pictures on my blog for you to see. I took lots just for you. If I can't hop on over, at least I can overwhelm you with pictures.

Oh-I can't WAIT til you see it!

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