Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas!

Yes, I DO know it's July. . .

No, I haven't totally lost my mind (only partially, but that happened long ago!)

You might remember this post back in the beginnning of this year. You might recall it involved an unfinished Christmas gift for a special little friend of mine. Yesterday (at last) I finished the matching doll dress. Today, it will be wrapped up in a Festive Mailer like the Christmas gift that it is and mailed off to her. I know she doesn't follow my blog, so I can show you the fruit of my labor.

I had designed this doll dress for her American Girl Doll, Kit, to match the dress that I had made for little Grace at Christmas.

A close-up of some of the detail work.

Now, I'm off to finish another work in progress. Maybe I'll catch up with everything that needs done before school starts again -- sighhhhhh -- just in time to start falling behind again. I'm sure some of my fellow homeschool moms can understand.

Y Blessings,



Mom2fur said...

Oh, how lovely!
No, you are not crazy. Do you know it is less than 170 days until Christmas? I've printed out some sewing ideas but haven't started on anything yet! I need to get off the computer and onto the sewing machine, LOL!

Rebecca said...

This Christmas I am DETERMINED to make everything I give and so....CHristmas in July doesn't seem all that crazy. I've already started on some plans...

because I have ALSO determined NOT to wait until the last minute! :-)

Nanci said...

Okay, I guess I better explain something here. It seems that I was not clear on this point. . . Although I wish I were 6 months ahead of time, I am actually 6 months BEHIND TIME.

This doll dress was to accompany the dress LAST CHRISTMAS.

My mom would always say that I was a "day late and a dime short." As I age,I seem to prove that she was right more and more. LOL

But thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.

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