Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gardener

I like you to meet our new Gardener.

He's a real free thinker . . . whoever would have thought to plant a pumpkin patch right next to the wood pile.

He apparently planted the seed last fall in some straw that was left over from the garden.

If I actually get pumpkins to use to decorate the front of the house this fall, I might forgive him for stealing the seed from our birdfeeders. (I'll have to think about that!)

My friend had grown pumpkins last year, and had given me a couple with which to decorate the outside of our house. After they had served their purpose and had begun to go bad, I told the kids that they could take them out back to use for target practice. Our little friend, the gardener, must have thought the seeds would make a great stash for winter. Trouble is he must be a little absent-minded, because I am constantly finding his little sprouts all around our yard. . . walnut trees, sunflowers, and now. . . pumpkins.

Y Blessings,


1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I don't know---pumpkins seem like a worthy enough crop! I don't know that I would complain one bit!

Sunflowers, either, for that matter! Walnut trees I could do without though.... :-)

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