Monday, July 6, 2009

Model Seeks Retirement & Home Life

You may recognize her from my sidebar. Melanie was the first to model my creations. Next to come live at our house was Molly, who belongs to my daughter, and then last year my three children arranged for Samantha to come and live with me. Perhaps, it was seeing Orangeblossom (my dd) and Molly playing together that first sparked Melanie's desire for more than a modeling career. She has grown tired of the glamorous world of modeling, and has expressed her desires to me that she would like to be a REGULAR little doll and have a little girl "mommy" who would love her and play with her. "After all," she told me, "Samantha loves pretty clothes, so you would STILL have someone to model for you."

So my search began to find a "special little mommy" for Melanie. I was so pleased when I heard that a dear little girl at our church was looking for just such a little dolly to love and play with. She is such a sweet little girl that I knew that she and Melanie would be very happy together.

Melanie wanted to make a good first impression. But, alas, while she had modeled many pretty clothes, she had none of her own. It just would not do for her to show up in her "birthday suit". It was decided that before she would meet her new "mommy", she would definitely need a new outfit. It must be something that would look very "special" to a little girl. And so after much discussion, it was decided that the elements of that outfit would have to include the color PINK, some LACE (Melanie is partial to eyelet lace), a nice full "twirly" kind of skirt with a net underskirt to make it "poof out", and pantalettes to finish off the look.

And that is how it came to be that we created this dress which Melanie wore when she met her precious little girl "mommy". And it was well worth the thought and effort to prepare for their first meeting. Melanie's new mommy is a reserved little girl, a tiny little peanut with beautiful, big, doe-like eyes. She quietly murmured "thank you". I could tell that I had made the right choice for Melanie's "mommy". I was certain that she loved Melanie, because she carried her everywhere and would not let go of her.

So, I thank you, Melanie Springfield, for you have been a very helpful model for me over the past couple years.

And I thank you little Miss who has taken Melanie home to live with you. I hope that you share lots of secrets and giggles, because that is the way of little girls and their dollies.

Orangeblossom snapped this last picture of Melanie and her new "mommy." I think I've arranged a VERY GOOD match!!!


Y Blessings,



Elizabeth said...

How Sweet :) Love the dress, and her new mommy looks tickled "pink" :)

momawake said...

Very sweet story. :)

Rebecca said...

you are such a kind person. I just love you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for the beautiful doll, dd loves her. :D

ficociellob said...

Just beautiful!

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