Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Quiet Day at Home

or An Unexpected Blessing!

Some women say, “Oh, I’d just like to get away by myself.” That’s never been my desire; if I’m going to go somewhere, I want to have my husband or my kids along to enjoy it with me. Now that’s not to say that I don’t, also, crave some “alone time”, but what I have always craved is a day AT HOME ALONE -- just me, myself, and I for company. That is a rare treat for me, because usually there is at least some one else here at the house as well.

But today, quite without realizing it was coming, I have the whole day before me at home by myself. All is quiet, and I have time to think, and plan, and create. It wasn’t until 8:30 this morning that I realized that such a day was mine to relish here at Brambleberry Cottage. It all began last evening with. . .

DEPARTURE #1: Our youngest daughter went to take her turn to spend three days at Grammy and Pappy’s house before it’s time again to start school.

DEPARTURE #2: This morning I made my usual 5:30 run, to take our elder daughter to work for the day. Her dad will pick her up on his way home from work.

DEPARTURE #3: My sweet hubby headed off to work at 6:15 a.m.

It was then that I remembered that. . .

DEPARTURE #4: was about to embark with my son. He and Pappy were going to make their annual run to the County Fair. Pappy loves the County Fair – Grammy doesn’t care for it, it tires her out too badly. Pappy doesn’t like to go alone, so each year he and his “side-kick” head off to spend the day together enjoying the sights and food at the fair.

And that left me with a day to do as I pleased.

The first thing I did was to finish this market bag I have been working on. I’ve finally had it with flimsy plastic grocery bags that tear, leaving the bag in my hand and my groceries “well, NOT in the bag!” So I designed this bag to mimic the design of the plastic grocery sacks, only a LITTLE LARGER and a LOT STURDIER, and a GREAT DEAL PRETTIER! This was my “prototype” and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. In fact, I like it so well that I’m going to try selling some of these bags.

This is the pocket, which I designed. It works on the same idea as a “Quillo” pockets. I can just turn it inside out, and it becomes a little “pouch” for the rest of the bag. I even added a wrist strap. I can keep it in the van in a nice, tidy, little pouch; and it will be ready to use when I need it at the market.

I embroidered the “To market, to market” phrase to give it a special touch. I borrowed the phrase from an old nursery rhyme I remember from my childhood.

To market, to market
To buy a fat pig
Home again, home again
Jiggity jig!


Deb said...

Like you Nanci, I love to do things with my hubby and kids...but like you realized today, every now and then..that alone time at home is priceless!!
Love the bag!!!!! I've started using the reusable bags and love them!!!! You should do well selling those!!

sunshine princess said...

what a pretty bag!
since we don't have a baby yet (just a few more weeks though ;D ), and my husband works, I have more days to myself than I know what to do with!

I wish I could share them with you since I don't really appreciate them anymore.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi again Nancy! I just had to check out your website since you visited mine!

I love the market bag. What a great idea to make your own instead of buying the reusable ones at the store.

I love all the American Girl dolls on your sidebar too. I bet they are the best dressed dolls in town!


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