Friday, August 14, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

Back in May, I took you on a quick tour of the flora around Brambleberry Cottage. I must be honest and say that my flower gardens have been neglected this summer. So I was thrilled when I returned home from taking our #1 daughter to work this foggy morning and was greeted by this sight as I turned in the driveway.

My Rose of Sharon bush which I had started from seed last fall and planted outside this spring has blooms on it!!! It has grown about 6" inches over the summer, but I never expected it to bloom this year since it has been as neglected at the rest of my flowers.

But bloom it has; and it was such a wonderful surprise! I have several shades of Rose of Sharons in my yard, but this deep pink is by far my favorite.

Rebecca, this pic is especially for you. See, I am paying attention to Foto Friday tips!!
Here's my macro shot.

1 comment:

Charree said...

What beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing the picture of them. I really want one of those bushes, but I don't think that they grow well here in Texas.

Have a blessed weekend!

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