Friday, August 28, 2009

Whirlwind Week -- BLESSED WEEK!

I mentioned that last week was a whirlwind week for us here at Brambleberry Cottage, but above that it was a blessed week of visiting with those who are very dear to our hearts. As I began to write down the happenings of the week, I realized that it would be best to divide this account into a two separate posts. I can't believe I have NO pictures to share, but I was too busy just enjoying friends -- too busy for photographing the events. Anyway, last week went something like this. . .


This was actually a quiet day. We worshipped morning and evening and were fed from God’s Word as expounded in two encouraging sermons. After Evening Worship, two close friends of our daughters came to stay the night -- one last summer get-together before they all return to their studies in the fall. I am so very grateful to God for the friendship shared between these girls.


Now, that there are two drivers among the girls, they are a little free-er to make plans to go places. They decided that they would go out for breakfast. While they were gone, I figured that I had better get moving and spent the morning making a dessert and a batch of flatbread for panninis to serve our much anticipated guests that were to arrive on Tuesday Night.

The girl’s friends went home in the afternoon, and we set about re-arranging the bedrooms for company accommodations.

Then it was time to pick up Bill at work. Our #1 Daughter was going to sign papers and pick up a car she had bought. She had worked all summer to buy a car to drive to classes. She hadn’t spent more than twenty dollars of her pay on herself all summer. She only paid a few preliminary costs to the college that she would be attending. The rest she diligently saved for the purchase of a car. However, when she and Bill began to look for a car about a month ago, she only had $3,000 dollars to spend, and that would leave her with NO money for BOOKS. She was so discouraged; she even despaired of being able to go to college. I encouraged her to pray. If the Lord wanted her to go to college, He would provide her with a car. A guy who works with Bill heard that she was looking for a car and approached Bill about a car his mother was planning to sell. She is 77 years old and for health reasons, her doctor told her she would have to stop driving. When Bill looked at the car and took it for a drive, it was in great condition, and the price was 1/3 of Meg’s savings. God has again provided!

After picking up her car, we made a grocery run. We needed some things with company coming


There was more cooking and preparation for our houseguests. I needed to make two more batches of flatbread and desserts. I washed loads of bedclothes and towels. We pumped up air mattresses and made beds.

I can’t tell you how GOOD it was to see them again when they arrived. I dearly miss this family and was thrilled to see them all again. I swear that the kids are a head taller than they were, and it was only last fall that we had seen each other. And oh my, you can tell that they are older – what a difference just a few months makes in a child. And then I got to see her for the first time – a precious little elf-babe. What a beautiful child! I got to hold her and look at her and thank the Lord for her. Of course there were hugs and kisses all around -- and lots of chatter as we all drank in each other’s company after the long drought of being apart.


Next morning, we were up early. Little Miss was up first and came down to the kitchen to see how she might help with breakfast, but there wasn’t much to do as I was only dishing out breakfast sandwiches. Everyone was popping his own sandwich in the microwave. (SOME HOSTESS, huh?) ;D Well, I did have some homemade banana bread, does that redeem me?

We needed a quick breakfast, because together, both of our families were out the door by eight o’clock and heading off to meet the third family in our trio. We were all heading off to my favorite place - Kishacoquillas Valley - to spend the day together.

We all had such a great day walking through the Flea Market, the Auction Barn and just enjoying one another. How very grateful I am to the Lord that He had blessed our family with two such fabulous families! They have been an encouragement and an example to us countless times.

In early afternoon, we were off to a nearby State Park for a picnic lunch, volleyball, walks, and swimming in the spring-fed pond (for the brave-of-heart).

In the evening (not wanting to part from each other’s company) we decided to head off to supper together. It was ten o’clock until we got home that night. Exhausted little children were tucked into bed, and two mommies huddles side-by-side on the couch for a knitting lesson, all the time relishing our time together and catching up with the happenings in each other’s lives.


We have a wonderful surplus store nearby. One side of the huge building is dedicated to fabrics, crafts, and home d├ęcor while the other side is dedicated to more manly items and pursuits. After breakfast, our older children volunteered to keep an eye on the “little ones” and get them down for their naps in the afternoon while we went to see what fabric bargains and the like we could find. By the time we got back, it was time for them to leave and spend the next few days at the home of the "Cornercreek Gang".

That evening I began work on the pattern for the doll dress that I displayedbin my last post. I wanted to finish it in time for Rebecca to take it home with her.
to be continued. . .

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