Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time for Play

I have had a whirlwind of a week, but it has been absolutely wonderful and refreshing. I plan to give the "Reader's Digest" version of it later when I have a little more time. Dear friends have been in town, staying a couple of nights here and a couple nights with another friend who lives nearby (well, kinda nearby). Our three families have been making up for lost time and have spent several days together.

While here, she mentioned that she would be making her little girl a dress and would like to make a doll dress to match. Of course, my ears perked up at the sound of that, and I offered (well, okay maybe I did beg a little bit) to make a pattern for the doll's dress to match. What a great excuse for me to spend time doing what I love to do. Wink, wink!! So yesterday I made up the pattern and today, I tested it. It's been a good while since I made patterns for a doll that wasn't an 18" doll. Here are the results. . .

I worked out a few of the bugs, and it looks like the pattern is ready to give to her.

Now that I've finished, my excuse for playing with doll clothes is gone. So, I guess I better get crackin' at some grown-up chores. . . like preparing dinner. Oh well, it can't be all play.

Y Blessings,



Bonnie said...

Nanci that is so cute!
And if its for who I think it is, she better be showin' some pictures!

momawake said...

You wanna make me a pattern for Kit's era?

Nanci said...


You're right on the button!


I think that can be arranged. I've sent you an email.

Rebecca said...

well-here is the thing Nanci. The dress is wonderful.


the doll I was referring to is actually huge-like as big as Adele (maybe bigger) and fits into REAL girl 3-6 month clothes. So that pattern wouldn't work.

After a whole lotta shopping and not finding what I wanted to get for Corynn to go WITH her dress (a picnic basket with tin picnic set) I ended up getting her a Madame Alexander doll from walmart (18 inch doll). Basically, because I thought I ought to give her ONE storebought thing and I couldn't find anything that suited her well besides that. Of course, she really needs another doll like she needs a hole in the head. But oh well.

I finished her dress (with some alterations) and am going to start on creating a pattern for this doll to match her with the scraps of fabric left over. Her birthday is tomorrow and I haven't even started. And I am not quite confident in my pattern making abilities....that said, I have ONE thing going for me:

Linda took the children for a few hours today. Which is why I need to stop commenting and START sewing! ack! If only you were here.....

Rebecca said...

oh-one more thing before I go. I found this website while looking for an american girl doll free pattern and thought immediately of Caitlyn.

How cool would it be for her to sew a period quilt for her doll? Megan F. might enjoy it too!

Nanci said...


I'm so sorry that the pattern didn't fit. Without seeing the doll, I guess I misjudged the size of it. But you can easily enlarge the pattern, just keep the proportions the same. Don't sell yourself short, you have far greater talents and abilities than you give yourself credit for.

Please post pictures of the birthday gifts; I'm really anxious to see them. Tell Little Miss, that we all say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I have saved the site you recommended. I love these quilts and the idea that they are tied to the era of the doll. It will be a great project for my budding seamstress to tackle.

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