Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last of the Summer Roses

Many of our friends have been blessed with babies lately, and we rejoice and celebrate the birth of each dear child with whom the Lord has blessed these families. I have just loved making dresses from this particular fabric. It has that vintage look about it that just seems, to me, to beg for an apron and Sunbonnet Baby applique to be added to the mix. I love the aquamarine color with the pink accents -- still very girly, but different from the "cliche-y" pink. I'm really rather sad that this is the end of my stash for this particular fabric.

Now for the patterns I used: The pattern that I used for the basis of the dress was a pattern that I had bought when my first child was being born nearly twenty years ago. The pattern brand is Sunrise Designs. They didn't number their patterns, instead they named them. This one was entitled Lullabies.

For the crown of the hat I used Simplicity Pattern #2905. BTW, if you are looking for an very cute "onesie" pattern, there is one included in this pattern.

Now, any of you who have been stopping by Brambleberry Cottage for any length of time have realized by now that I never can quite seem to leave a pattern well-enough-alone. But my philosophy is, "Why sew, if I can't change it to the way I envision it." To the right is a close up of the dress as the designer of the pattern intended it to look.

My vision was a little different. I wanted short puffy sleeves, no collar, and an appliqued apron attached.

The hat pattern had a straight brim, and
I wanted to "girly" it up a bit by making my brim ruffled.

So there you have it. I'm off to my next project. I have been working on revising and converting a pattern that I had created for an 18" doll into an E-Pattern. Everything has been coming along nicely as far as the instructions and photographs, but converting the actual pattern pieces into a PDF file is a little more than I was expecting. I've scanned them numerous times; each time the scaling is off. Maybe I bit off a little more than this technologically-impaired gal can handle. I hope not.

If you would like to share a sewing project that you have completed or are working on, click here.


Rebecca said...

That is precisely what I admire so much about you....you can make something out of nothing with seemingly no effort. It amazes me~all the time.

I read in your chatbox that Julie is "doing homework". Do you have another apprentice, I wonder?! What I wouldn't GIVE to get in on THAT party! :-)

Nanci said...


I've been thinking a lot lately (since my visit with you) about the good gift that God has blessed me with. Aside from the joy that it gives me to create, and that it is an economical way to create modest outfits in a time when modesty seems to be a thing of the past -- the aspect of the gift that I hadn't really seen in the past is the friendships and opportunities for ministry that sharing that gift has brought me over the years.

My needlework coupled with my love for sharing it has been such a rich blessing in my life. You know how much I treasure your friendship and true Christian fellowship. All started over a few crochet lessons. I am always happy that you came up to me and asked me to teach you. That simple question has lead to one of the dearest friendships I have ever had. Believe me, I raise a hearty "amen" to your last sentence. I miss our time together acutely.

All that to say, yes, Julie is my latest apprentice. She's working on an apron and doing an excellent job. And along the way, we've encouraged one another in our "walk with Christ". Sound familar?

Hugs to all. BTW, you've answered a question for me as well; I was wondering if your lack of posts the last couple days meant Smooch had arrived. But if you are leaving comments, then I guess he/she has not made her debut.

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