Monday, August 9, 2010

Catching My Breath

Hi all! I really thought I would become more faithful in posting after the homecoming surprise my sweet husband had waiting for me when I returned from my recent vacation. But alas (hand to forehead and swoon), I'm as negligent of this poor, old blog as ever I was. I have been extremely busy sewing gifts for the multitude of babies that have been or will be arriving

But I have also been busy, busy, busy adding things to my Etsy Shoppe. Here's a teeny-weeny peek of the most recent additions.

Oh, you're wondering what my homecoming surprise was!

Drumroll please....

High Speed Internet Service

Yes, I know that's really old hat to most, but here at Brambleberry Cottage we have been struggling along with DIAL UP service until just a couple of weeks ago.

HOORAAAAAY! for no more dial-up.

It also gave us unlimited long-distance service.

HOORAAAAAY! for unlimited long-distance service.

This is such a blessing for me because nearly all of my phonecalls to family and friends are long-distance calls.

And thank you, thank you, thank you
to my dear, dear, dear beloved husband.

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