Friday, August 20, 2010

A Year Older. . ., A Year Wiser

Boy, am I ever behind on putting stuff on here. The summer is nearly over, and I just haven't seem to mention much of what we have been up to. And now that I am mentioning something, it's nearly 3 weeks past.
Two summers ago, we were introduced to "the country boil" and fell in love with it. So, it has become a annual summer tradition at our house when the corn comes in season. Last year Bill made it just for our family. That was NOT a good idea! Too much food and not enough restraint caused us to walk away from the table saying, "Oooooh, am I stuffed." This year we were much wiser and invited friends to enjoy it with us.

Good Friends

Good Food

Mmmmmmmm. . .


Bonnie said...

My Mom does this once in a while, BUT. She dumps it on the table. Yep. No plates aloud, just napkins, fingers, and a glob of seafood sauce if you want it, on the table cloth (plastic!) by your "place".
Mmm, looks good!

Nanci said...

I know that's the traditional way to serve it. As big as a traditionalist as I tend to be, I haven't served it that way yet. I just haven't been able to bring myself to that. . . yet. It seems to me that serving it that way would be such fun.

Do you use a dollar store throw-away plastic tablecloth or a heavier guage plastic cloth you have to wash off and keep? The boil is so hot when we serve it. Does it melt the plastic at all? (That's been a concern of mine.)

On another note, I was really glad to hear that perhaps your little one has turned.

Bonnie said...

I fI remember right, she just used one of those cheap plastic throw away ones. Its been quite a while since I've had it, but I think she let it cool a bit before dumping. I'll try to remember to ask when I see her at church tomorrow.

Mom2fur said...

Hey, Nanci, thanks for being the first visitor on my new blog! It's something I've been thinking about. I'm hoping it will make me push myself harder to finish my projects...all 1,000 of them (jk!)!

You should do a blog about your dolls and sewing. You could call it "Nanci's Doll House"!

I saw a dinner like this once on TV, maybe the Food Network. And yes, they did just dump it all on the table. Seemed kind of...messy!

Sue Bridges said...

Looks like you had a great time, the best way to eat.

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