Monday, August 25, 2008

Confessions of an Impatient Fidgeter

I have a very hard time sitting down and doing nothing with my hands. This is NOT because I am some kind of driven-overachiever. In truth my personality is sadly the very opposite. No, I have a hard time sitting down with nothing to do with my hands because I guess I'm a fidgeter. Even as a teenager it was very rare that I sat down to watch TV without a project of some kind before me. Even while engrossed in a sermon during worship, I often realize that I have been twiddling my thumbs. Like I said I guess I'm just a fidgeter. I fidget when I have to wait... fidget waiting in the car when I am picking up my kid's after some event, fidget in the doctor's waiting room, fidget while I ride in the car on long trips, the list goes on and on.
This basket is my answer to the problem. What's inside that could calm a fidgeter?
Inside the basket I keep some small project I am working on - nothing too complicated or difficult -- something that can be stopped or started at any point without too much difficulty. Usually, it's a crocheting or knitting project. The rhythmic motion needed to perform those tasks is very sootheing to me. That helps me to easily forget how much time has passed while I've been waiting. Helps me to feel as though I am not wasting my time doing nothing.
As I head out the door, I grab the basket. It's become routine for me. My kids probably love this little basket as much as I do, because it keeps me from becoming irritated as I wait for them. No more accusations from an inpatient mother, such as "What took you so long?"
Most of the time NOW my basket sits by the computer. "WHY THERE," you ask. Well, that's because I DO NOT have Highspeed Internet Service. No, I have snail line dial up which takes forever to upload photos to my blog. So while I wait, I crochet and crochet and crochet.
With all this waiting, perhaps I WILL FINALLY FINISH the lace for edge of my bedskirt.
Who knows?

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Vickie said...

I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it!

I am a seamstress as well and I LOVE to knit and crochet also. I am the same way about using my hands. I keep my knitting and crochet projects by my chair in the living room and I ALWAYS take a project with me to the doctor or if I'm sitting with someone at the hospital. I've even thought of sneaking my knitting into church. LOL

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