Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, it's SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY again. Boy, that week went fast! It was a busy week. Although I worked on other projects, I only have two finished projects to show. So here they are...

A Skirt

I am no longer a cute little size 12 and I am no longer 20-something – NOT BY A LONG SHOT! The result of this is that I hate going shopping for clothes – everything is made for teeny-boppers. (And even most of those styles I would not allow my teen-aged daughters to wear. Just a tad immodest!) When I do find a style that would look okay on me, it’s either black or black print or bright circus colors. Now I don’t mind an occasional black outfit – that can be very tasteful, but I don’t want every piece of clothing I own to make it look like I’ve gone into mourning. As for bright circus colors, I prefer to blend into the background.

Well, clothes shopping has taken a turn for the better – I found this great, reasonably priced, little shop – BonWorth. They actually have more classic and modest styles in nice REASONABLE colors.

It’s a rather unique store. It carries mostly three piece, coordinated outfits in average and petite lengths. The three pieces are sold separately so you can mix the sizes. (You know -- small on top, heavy on the bottom and sundry such combinations.) Also, you don’t have to buy all three pieces. These three piece ensembles usually consist of an over-shirt (or jacket), shell type top or tee , and slacks.

Not to worry -- I AM getting to my sewing projects for this week.

Now as much as I have fallen in love with this store, there is problem with it . . . They sell no dresses and very few skirts (and I do mean VERY few). So when I bought these two pieces (50% off -- HOORAY!)

I needed to make a skirt to match.

I chose Simplicity Pattern #4138 (a pattern I already had). I found 60” wide textured dark plum fabric at Wal-Mart for under $5.00 a yard. I used less than 1½ yards of fabric. The fabric is soft and has such a nice drape, and it is REALLY wrinkle resistant.

A Swimsuit Revamp

My niece recently shared this information with me one day when my older daughter was complaining about the PLUNGING necklines in every swimsuit she looked at. My niece said she had recently been watching a TV program where they had addressed the problem. They suggested wearing a colored sports bra underneath the swimsuit that would coordinate with the colors in the swimsuit. This gives that layered look that is so popular now-a-days. It also adds support for larger bosoms.

That was all background information – Now I'll get to the sewing project.
My younger daughter loved this bathing suit when she saw it AND it was on sale.
Problem: the infamous plunging neckline.
Also, the sides reveal just a little-too-much.
Here’s my remedy. I purchased 1 yard of 60” bathing suit material ($1.00/yd. from
Wal-Mart’s bargain fabric table. Matches pretty well, huh? I bought way, way too much material, but hey it was only a dollar. I guess I’ll be making AG Doll bathing suits with the leftovers. ; ) And besides, it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying a sports bra that matches the bathing suit.)
I made this bandeau that she can wear underneath. It even has shiny little threads woven into the fabric.

No Before picture – I TOLD you; it was TOO revealing, remember?

Here’s the after pictures.
Younger daughter’s happy; I’m happy.

What do you think?

SEWING TUTORIAL & TIPS: Since this post got a little long, I’m not including the sewing tips and tutorial today. I have been thinking about posting it on another day than Friday from now on.

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Mom2fur said...

I think you did an amazing job with both garments! I love, love, love your purple outfit. I'm 52, and a little "healthy" on top, if you know what I mean. It's so hard to find things that look nice on me. If it fits across 'the girls' the shoulders and arms are so big it looks like I raided my big sister's closet.
I'm a sewist/seamstress/any-word-but-'sewer', too, and I'm so glad I have the skill to make things for myself. Or to alter things, as you have done. The idea for the bandeau under the bathing suit top is brilliant! (Just how many "Bs" can you use in a sentence, LOL?)

momawake said...

What a good idea to fix that swimming suit.

Aleryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aleryan said...

Sorry... I noticed typos in the original post so I deleted it. Here it is again error free.
Great projects. The skirt looks great on you and you are standing exactly like the models do for photos. I took a modeling class and that's how I know. The trick for the bathing suit is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous Nanci! what a great job you did (big surprise! ha!) and how lovely you look. Love Caitlyn's swimsuit fix too...I hate those v-neck things, but they are all the rage now aren't they? Looking forward to a more Audrey Hepburn style soon...

Tracy said...

Great idea on the bathing suit top!

Sue Bridges said...

Lovely pieces of work. I too struggle to get clothes to fit me properly. I am quite well endowed at the top have skinny hips and long legs so struggle to get the top and bottom half to fit properly. I too make some clothes for myself when I can but struggle to get everything done with all the other hobbies I have.

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