Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let The Games Begin

The world focus of late is on the Olympic Games. Everywhere I go I hear bits and snippets of the latest accomplishments there. Is there anyone who does not recognize the name of Michael Phelps? We marvel at his accomplishments. Spurred by the dedication of the competitors I have decided to develop a new event for the 2012 Olympics. Let me describe it to you.


First, in the preparation of this event the participant must put off ironing clothes for a sufficient amount of time in order that a LARGE amount of ironing accumulates. A basket may be implemented for this accumulation. The technical term for this phase of preparation is PROCRASTINATION.

Next, the participant continues to make excuses for why the mountainous pile of clothing is not being tackled at this very minute. (i.e. writing one’s blog o reading someone else's blog) The technical term for this phase of training is RATIONALIZATION.

Lastly, the participant reacquaints and familiarizes herself with the main piece of sporting equipment to be used in this event – the IRON. So as not to confuse those who also participate in the sport of golfing, we offer here a photo of the IRON used in this event.

As I have not yet decided what the technical term for this phase of training should be, input from the readers would be appreciated. Now on to the event itself.

* * * EVENTS * * *

Goal: The goal of this event is to properly iron the entire basket of clothing in the shortest amount of time.

Participants: This is a one-man (or should I say one-woman) event. Those who have trained properly (see above for training and preparation for the event) are qualified as participants.

Penalties: Points will be lost for burning oneself with the iron. In the event that the basket is not completely emptied, the participant will be disqualified.

Of special note: This IS a marathon event.


Because I firmly believe in the learning process of “Show me, tell me, let me do it myself” I demonstrate some of the particulars of this event.
In the procrastination phase I have accumulated an ample supply of laundered (but un-ironed) shirts belonging to my son and husband.

My rationalization phase included sewing a skirt for myself and taking my older daughter to CVS. (Where else?) In additon, the following excuse was used: Why iron these shirts now? The guys have one or two shirts left before they must go without.
Here I reacquaint myself with the iron. Now I am not entirely unfamiliar with this piece of equipment. After all, I DO have to press seams when I sew.

And now showing my style in the actual event.The empty basket to prove I have not been disqualified.The thrill of victory!
Thirteen ironed shirts!


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Rebecca said...

Hey you! It's nice to see you!!!!

Great job on the shirts. Have to say...the iron is one thing I am PLEASED not to have unpacked! ;-)

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