Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day Trip Mystery

My dear hubby had a six-month medical check-up scheduled for this morning. This entails a three-hour drive to the Harrisburg area where his doctor is located. Usually we just go as a family and make a day of it together. Once the doctor's appointment is over, we visit some of the attractions in the area. Today was hubby's turn to pick our destination. Can you guess where we went today? Are these pictures a hint?

No, not the zoo...

Whoa, what's wrong with this picture?
Look closely, it's another clue.

Well, of course...
Hubby's favorite destination in the Harrisburg/Hamburg
area is Cabellas.

Dad helps his boy look for a call - a fawn bleat.

Dad and the kids check out the amo. Next stop ... reloading suppies.

You know I often wonder if the reason that my husband chose a doctor three hours away is so that he has an excuse to visit his favorite store twice a year. ; ) Really, if you've never been to a Cabellas, it is quite interesting. The animals in the photos above are part of their massive taxidermy displays that are located throughout this MASSIVE store. There are hundreds of specimens in a single store. Most displays label the animals in the display. In addition, there are floor to ceiling aquariums stocked with Pennsylvania fish and information pertaining to them. So even those members of the family who are less interested in the "hunting, fishing, camping" merchandise, just might enjoy the other perks at this store.

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