Friday, October 31, 2008

Only Good News

Don't you love those days that have no bad news?
I'll give a real quick summary of yesterday and today for those who were concerned for us and have been praying for us. Before I do that, though, please know how grateful we are for your love, concern, and prayer.

YESTERDAY, Bill had his first exam by the doctor that will be treating his blood pressure. It is still slightly elevated (140/90) but the first dose of the prescribed medicine was a low dose. After a very THOROUGH exam, the daily dosage was doubled. Because of the price of the medication, we had hoped that the prescription could be changed to a less costly one. However, the doctor wanted to keep him on the one prescribed at least until Bill's blood pressure is stablized. THE GOOD NEWS IS...he gave Bill a month's worth of the medication (sample packets) at no cost to us. Bill will return for a check up in about five weeks. In the meantime, he has to have some blood work done. All in all, it was a very "up" doctor's visit. (He will also return to the retina specialist around the same time to see if (hopefully) the problem with his eye is being resolved by the treatment of his blood pressure.
Okay, that takes care of yesterday. TODAY in physical therapy for his leg, the therapists have unlocked his leg brace giving him the ability to flex his leg 40 degrees. That will not give him full range of motion yet, but it will make getting around a bit easier. It will definitely enable Bill to sit a little more comfortably. Bill called me immediately after therapy, and I could tell that he was unmistakably pleased. Funny how just a little bit of progress can encourage us, isn't it.

So, "there's all the news that is news" around our house.

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