Friday, October 31, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday - Cross Stitch Baby Quilt

Well, it's nearly two o'clock and I have just come back from checking to see if Shereen was hosting Sew Crafty Friday yet, but the last post there is still from the first of October. I'll be glad when she is able once again to give us news of what is happening in her life. Since I rather like posting a craft each week, I guess I'll do just that.

Let's see. . . the last Sew Crafty Friday project I shared with you was the baby afghan I was working on for a baby gift. Thanks to all the traveling I have done in the car lately and my older daughter who is more than willing to chauffer, I almost have that completed. However, I think I'd like to wait until it is completely finished before sharing that. Also, I really have to get moving on my AG doll project that I want to put on ebay (time is running out).

So, I guess I'll show you a project that my older daughter has been working on for the past year. A friend of mine had a printed cross-stitch baby quilt she had planned on making for her grandbaby. However, like happens to us so many times, she never got it started and now the grandchild is nearly three years old. So my friend passed the kit to my daughter, who has been diligently stitching it in her spare time. At last, and with great satisfaction, she has put in the last stitch. She did a fabulous job (as she always does; she is extremely particular about her needlework).

You can usually view craft projects shared by other bloggers or share your own creations at SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY on Shereen's blog.

Until she returns here are a few links for other blogger's Craft projects from this week. Just click on the projects below to view them. If you would like me to link to your project this week, just leave a comment telling me where I can find your blog and project.

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