Monday, October 20, 2008

A Tick of the Clock - Update III

Many of you know about Bill's accident nearly six weeks ago. I wanted to let you know about the most recent developments.

At Bill's check-up last Thursday, his doctor released him to begin physical therapy and return to sedentary work. He does not need to return to see the doctor for 4 weeks. So today was his first day back at work.

Bill's place of employment is 45 minutes away, AND he is unable to drive. (Just getting in and out of the van is an ordeal because his leg is locked in an extended position by the brace he wears.) This means that I would have to drive him to work and pick him up each day. If you do the math, that's 3 hours out of my day.

This is the Sword of Damacles that has hung over my head from the time I first realized that he would have to return to work before he was able to drive. I have wrestled with questions such as "How am I going to take three hours out of my day, especially when I'm homeschooling the kids?", and "How am I going to do this with all the extra tasks I am doing because Bill is unable to do them?".

To my shame I must say that I seem to shut down when I get overwhelmed. This only makes the situation worse, because instead of attacking the mounting piles of necessary tasks -- I seem to sit immobilized or flit from one task to another without getting anything accomplished. All the time my mind races.

I prayed for God to calm me, to let me see reason, to trust Him for the needed strength. I reminded myself of scripture that encouraged me to take one day at a time, to be anxious for nothing, and that His plans for me are not for calamity but for a future and a hope. One moment I would be trusting God for the needed strength, the next moment I would be wavering.

Finally, yesterday I was determined to take each day as it came and wait upon the Lord.

This morning, I got up early and helped Bill with his morning routine. I didn't feel overwhelmed; I even chided myself for having made a mountain of a mole hill and brooding over this for all these weeks. We climbed in the car while it was still dark and I drove him to work. I walked him to his office, carrying his satchel for him. Everyone was gathering around him welcoming him back. In turn he was introducing me to those of his co-workers I did not know. After many other introductions, he introduced me to a young woman who was almost the last to walk up to us.

She asked if I had had to drive Bill to work. Bill replied that he was still unable to drive. To which she said, "Well, you know I live rather close to you. I can go past your house on the way to work, and you could just ride with me until you can drive again."

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor. I wasn't sure if I was going to laugh or cry with relief. Of course, Bill thought this was very agreeable. So it's all set -- she brought him home this evening.

Again, I realize that God is so good to His people. I had thought several times over the past few weeks, "Oh, if only there was someone nearby that worked with him. He could get a ride. But there's not -- so I am just going to have to adjust to the extra expense of gasoline and 3 hours on the road." Not for one second did I see this as a viable solution.

When I returned home and told my children about what had happened, together we stopped to thank God for His goodness to me. My youngest prayed, "Thank you Lord for putting it in this lady's mind to take Daddy to work!" -- Out of the mouth of babes!


Rebecca said...

Oh Nanci! I am just So thrilled for you! I knew how worried you were and was going to suggest maybe talking to a taxi agency or something. I know NOTHING about them, but maybe it wouldn't have been THAT much more (if any) than the gas you'd be guzzling, and certainly wouldn't be the time spent doing it. What an amazing way God opened the door for you, and I laugh, because it always seems like it happens at the very last moment.

I react very similarly when a stressful situation looms ( which is house is STILL not in complete order!), and perhaps that is God's way of teaching us to trust him fully on the outcome. We wouldn't learn those lessons nearly so emphatically (or at all) if everything just plopped in our lap the moment a concern plopped into our head. I am just praising God over here for the kindness of that woman. What an incredible gift she has given! I wonder if she realizes how the Lord has used her to touch lives!

So glad Bill is on the mend and I do hope that he takes it SLOW and easy in these beginning weeks. It is a long healing process, but made MUCH longer if he overdoes. That is the Mama hen in me. Of course, you know that as well, fellow Mama Hen. ;-)

I'm so happy for you today...

Elizabeth said...

I can understand why you fretted over driving him back and forth, and taking on additional responsibilities at the same time, but I'm so glad God saw fit to put it in the young woman's heart to help!
Our God is truly awesome!!!

Vickie said...


Describing how you respond to being overwhelmed describes me to a T! I get so overwhelmed I FREEZE with thought and so therefore NOTHING gets done. Don't know where to start until God gives me a revelation. Wouldn't know what to do without Him and don't even want to know.

GREAT post!

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