Friday, October 3, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday - All the Pretties

I've been rather swamped this week, so I was not originally planning on posting anything for Sew Crafty Friday. Shareen, who is the hostess of Sew Crafty Friday, has recently moved (I believe she said 40 hours away from her previous home). Although she posted that the family has arrived at their new home, Sew Crafty Friday was not posted. Although it is little wonder that she was unable to host it this week, I must say I missed it and went wandering around blogdom looking for some craftiness.

So, for all of you (who like me) cannot stand to miss out on all the PRETTIES, here's what I found:

across my table - cookbook & cross stitch

winter's edge - a cute patchwork & lace apron

After seeing everyone's projects, I decided to share these hangers that I made a while back. They are hand painted and are ornament size. My favorite is the sheep at the bottom. But I must admit that I really like the mitten with the barn at night, too.

If I missed your project and you would like me to link to your post. Just let me know by leaving me a comment. The more PRETTIES, the BETTER!

Shereen, hurry back with your SEW CRAFTY FRIDAYS. We Miss You!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Hey Nanci. Would you email me please? I want to email you about this weekend, but I only remember the first part of your email, not the second. I'm so dumb...

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