Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday - "To Wrap My Baby Bunting In"

The beginning of a baby afghan -- more undone than done

I've not participated in Sew Crafty Friday for a couple weeks now -- other tasks have prevented me from being very "crafty" of late. However, as always, when it's been too long since my hands have molded and shaped the imaginings of my mind into tangible pretties, I become restless. So although there are other duties to which I could (and should) be attending I started this baby afghan. A young family at the church is expecting an addition to their family in the near future. So now I have the needed excuse that allows me to once again submerse myself in a creative project.

The new arrival is to be a boy. While I adore little boys, I always find it more difficult to think of something to create for them. Myriads of items to make for little girls pop into my mind. However, where I am concerned there is a great blackhole which ideas for baby boy gifts are sucked in and lost forever. After racking my brain for something to make in celebration of this little fellow's arrival, I finally settled on a ripple afghan using a "baby boy" palette of yarn.

The first time I ever made a ripple afghan, I was sixteen years old and I made it in anticipation of the birth of Dana, my oldest niece. Although I have crocheted innumerable items since them, I probably haven't crocheted this particular pattern in nearly thirty years. When I began to crochet it, the memories of that first afghan and all the excitement in preparation for Dana's arrival came tumbling down upon me.

You can usually view craft projects shared by other bloggers or share your own creations at SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY on Shereen's blog.

Until she returns here are a few links for other blogger's Craft projects from this week. Just click on the projects below to view them. If you would like me to link to your project this week, just leave a comment telling me where I can find your blog and project.


Rebecca said...

BEAUTIFUL! I can practically feel the softness of that yarn! What a treasure!

It must be wonderful to get your fingers busy with something new. I am looking forward to that sensation REALLY soon. I just unpacked my sewing machine today-and am finishing up the sorting and organizing of the Blue room. SOON!

Beautiful job, Nanci. No surprise there!

Vickie said...

Beautiful afghan! That is my most favorite pattern to use in a baby afghan. I have been so busy lately with other things that I haven't picked up my knitting needles or my crochet hook and I MISS it badly. I have a costume to make for a Church Christmas play this week and as soon as it is done my needle and thread is coming out of hiding.

Mom2fur said...

You are right, it is hard to think of things for boys. Just look at how much variety there is in girl's wear as compared to clothes for boys! But you've solved the problem with that gorgeous afghan. The colors are so beautiful! I think I'll have to make a ripple afghan next. I love the way they look.
Thanks for linking to me!
BTW, Angelina's Halloween school party was that night. Another mom called to tell me the costume was a hit!

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