Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cause for Thanksgiving

My computer has been having major difficulties, which has also been a reason for my gap in posting. My dear husband has offered that I post from his computer for the time being until the problems can be rectified or I shoot my computer (which ever comes first). That's not my reason for giving thanks. That's just a FYI -- a sort of "heads up" for any further gaps that might occur in my posting. You know shared computer time and all that.

Now... during my posting gap ... one of the things that happened but I was unable to share because of the aforementioned glitch is that


His knee-flexure was last measured as 107 degrees unassisted. Hooray!!! Physical Therapy continues, and he still has some limitations. Yet, we TRULY have cause for thanksgiving and rejoicing. His recovery has progressed much further than was expected. He continues to be bulldog stubborn as he works to gain every last bit of benefit from his therapy!

Thanks to all who have remembered him is prayer! God has been so gracious to us!


Debbie J. said...

Good for your DH! He sounds as stubborn and independent as my mother, who is recovering from a stroke.

I love the handmade things you have posted on your blog. I too LOVE to give handmade gifts. However, this year I didn't get too many done in time. I gave several people inspirational books, which seemed to be the right thing at the right time for all of them.

Mom2fur said...

Hooray for your husband! Now, I think you should have a funeral for that leg brace. Seriously...unless you can donate it for someone else to use, you should bury the darn thing and then have a big "Good Riddance" party!
Have a Happy New Year...may your husband's knee be 100% better soon!

Nanci said...

You know, Mom2fur, that sounds like great advice!

May 2009 bring you and yours all good things.

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