Tuesday, December 2, 2008

State Holiday

Yesterday morning found our household up and moving at 4:30. You can believe me when I say that this is not our normal time for a wake-up call, but the first day of deer season is something akin to a State holiday to many Pennsylvanians. First day of deer means NO SCHOOL (not just for homeschoolers but for public schoolers as well). People who move here from out of state are oft taken aback that schools close and the work force is depleted as people take off work just to go hunting deer.

Although I don't hunt, I always rise early on this hallowed day to get breakfast and help my "deer" husband and children set off on their quest. I don't really function well that early in the morning, but I wouldn't be able to sleep with all the hub-bub that goes on anyway. (I wish my kids showed the same enthusiasm for getting up on a school day).

Now, yesterday morning's weather is not what was wished for. Deer hunters like a bit of snow on the ground (easier for spotting deer and tracking).

As you can clearly see, snow was not the order of the day. Instead it was sort of freezing rain.
This picture is to show off Bill's latest accomplishment since his September accident.
Yes, that IS Bill climbing into the driver's seat.

Our son rides shotgun, while the eldest is reduced to a backseat passenger. Oh, the shame of it all! I've consider auctioning the privilege of riding shotgun to my offspring. I figure I could make a small fortune from their grappling for this coveted seat. I am sure no other mother out there has such a problem with this!

Late morning, they returned empty-handed and a bit downcast. They had not even spotted a deer, and it had begun to rain harder. They had come home to dry off, get warm, and EAT! Around two o'clock the rain had stopped, and so off they headed once more while our younger daughter and I remained comfy at home.

It had been dark when the headed out that morning and dark when they again returned home. This time the object of their quest -- a nice sized doe -- accommpanied them. Bill had harvested this one, the young man missed a shot, and the young lady still had seen nary a deer. However, we were all grateful for the meat this would put in our freezer.

Both kids still want to get one, and we rely on the venison, so they will probably be heading out again on Friday since Bill has the day off work.

And that ends the saga of my "dear" hunters and their first day of deer season.

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Vickie said...

AWE!! Those poor Deer. I have alot of family members who hunt as well but not me. Neither does my husband. I could not shoot something that BEAUTIFUL. We live in the foothills of the Appalachians (Oak Mountain State Park) and we put out feed in our yard so we can watch them. So MAJESTIC. I can't bring myself to eat venison either. My sisters LOVE it. It seems to grow in my mouth. I'll stick with cow and pig!

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