Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sew Crafty Wednesday (I Mean Friday)

'Tis the season to sew until I am cross-eyed and sleep deprived from staying up too late finishing projects. Oh, and did I mention baking? In the end it is all worth it to me because I love to give gifts that have truly come from ME -- gifts that have my planning and thought and love intwined with their very being -- gifts that no one else will receive a twin of this year. Something unique to someone unique.

These totes and I have been spending some late nights together. The hot pink of the ribbon and lining is just not coming out true; the pictures make the ribbon have an orange cast which it definitely does NOT have.

I especially love the main fabric in this bag. It's rather like a Harrington Plaid. I like the unexpected playfulness that hot pink, polka dots, and rickrack bring to the sophisticated, business-like fabric of this bag.

This bag for my sister-in-law is a little more tote-like. It will be a perfect tote for all the things she carries with her to church. I decided to applique her initials on it to give it a special personal touch.

It may not appear as though it is, but the color of the lining and the ribbon are the exactly same. I made several pockets in the inside to hold pens, cell-phone, and note pads.

These bags are just larger versions of the doll tote I showed in my tutorial. Instead of putting the pockets on the outside, I put them on the inside lining. I also added the tabbed closure and button to the first bag above. So you see you can get a lot of diffent looks and sizes from one basic plan.

What have you been creating lately?


Mom2fur said...

Oh, cuteness! The pink looks 'hot' to me, not at all orange.

Hey, have a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

BTW, you know those word verifications you have to do on Blogger? This one says 'regret.' I'm not kidding.
So...I regret not 'docking' my pizza dough with a fork before I put it in the oven...because it puffed up into a giant ball, LOL! Oh, well, it will still taste good. I just had to punch it back down again.

Heather said...

I love your tote bags! Homemade totes are such a useful and special gift.

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