Monday, December 29, 2008

The Pause That Refreshes

I am ashamed to say that it has been so long since I have posted anything that I barely know where to begin. I can hardly believe that my last post was nearly 2 weeks ago. We have crammed a lot of activities and visiting into those two weeks. For the first time since we began homeschooling (8 years ago), I have decided to take off the ENTIRE time between Christmas and New Year's Day. In fact, I threw in two more days for good measure -- the day before Christmas and the day after New Years. This past year has been a difficult one for our family, and we need a break.

During this little "vacation" of ours, I have done a good bit of sewing -- some of it has been gifts, some of it is just things that have been neglected and need to be done. My oldest daughter has picked up her needle and thread, also. It has been so busy this past year with the unexpected things of life, and she realized that she had not sewn anything since before school started in the fall. So she shared the dining room table with me. I sewed at one end and she sewed at the other. This was rather nice, because we could talk the whole time we were working on our separate projects.

Using the tutorial for the doll tote and enlarging it, she created this tote for her horse-loving friend who is away at college. It was a great hit when she gave it to her yesterday.

In addition to the tote, she has started a new cross-stitch project with some cross-stitch supplies that she received for Christmas. I can't wait until she completes it, and I can show it to you. It is one of my favorite designs. I, myself, have wanted to stitch it since the first time I saw it in a book.

We hope that all of you are also enjoying this time doing what you love to do and visiting with those you love to be with.


Vickie said...

I'm glad you posted. I check your blog everyday. You would think that I would have more to do then be surfing blogsville. What can I say............ "I'm addicted!"

Have a Wonderful Abundantly Blessed New Year!

Rebecca said...

Good for you Nanci! I am so glad you guys get a wee bit of a break~ you all deserve it. Really and truly do.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. I wish I could have given you a real-live Christmas hug. I miss you lady!

Megan's bag is great and methinks I know who the recipient was, and if my assumptions are correct, I can see how she would TOTALLY love it.

When you talk about sewing with your girls across the dining room table, I find such joy and hope in that. Joy and Hope that someday, I can experience those things too. There is nothing so precious to me and nothing I look forward to more, than my daughters and I sharing our lives and hobbies with one another. I pray that it is so, and I am thankful that you are thick in the midst of enjoying it yourself.

How did your OTHER daughter like her gift?!? I'm sorry I returned an email you to~life has been SO hectic these past weeks. It is a LOVELY design and I am SURE she will love it! Really beautiful!

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