Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome, Aaron Thomas

A new covenant child has been added to the church. Aaron Thomas S**** arrived a little early, making his debut on Tuesday, December 9th and weighing in at 6 lb. 11 oz. Mama Jess and Aaron are both doing well.

I was happy to have finished his blanket and hat in time.

Here you see the hat more clearly. I always believed that knit items have a more supple feel to them, so I knit the main portion of the hat in a K1 - P1 ribbing. Then I added a crocheted cuff to match the afghan and little flaps to keep those little baby ears warm.

I plan to ammend this post later to include the directions for the ripple afghan (and perhaps the hat), but for right now I thought I'd just show the finished product for Sew Crafty Friday.

For those who might be interested I did notice that Shereen posted an update at her blog last Thursday. While we wait for Shereen to resume her Sew Crafty Friday posts, you might want to visit another Sew Crafty Friday project posted by

sortafrugal - crocheted doll jumper and tee


Elizabeth said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS Set!!! Nanci, you are one very talented lady!!! :)

Vickie said...

"BEAUTIFUL" as......everything you make is.

Rebecca said...

gorgeous Nanci! She is just going to LOVE that, methinks. I love the green and blue stripes throughout-and that you coordinated the hat with the blanket!

So, does that mean little Aaron didn't have to be induced after all? He just decided to come?

Goodness GRACIOUS-he was SMALL!!! Especially considering how big she got toward the end.

So, I presume, there were no problems like the doctors had scared her with? I want the DETAILS Nanc! :-)

SO happy Jess and baby are doing well. Maybe Caitlyn's first photo assignment will be a baby photo so I can see the little guy?!?! ;-)

Mom2fur said...

Congratulations to all! And what a beautiful set you made. I think I might have to do one of those ripple quilts for my next big crochet project. They are so beautiful.
BTW, in case I didn't say it already...thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment on the little crocheted jumper!

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