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You Can Make It - AG Doll Beach Bag/Tote

Thank You
Before I show you my project, I want to thank all of you who have stopped by to visit with me in the past few weeks since I began my posts. ( Rebecca had helped me with the initial set up back in August of 2007, but it wasn't until July of this year that I finally sat down to share my thoughts and interests. ) I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement you have sent my way. It has been such fun visiting those of you who have left comments and seeing just who you are and what you interests are.


You might remember seeing this little tote from my Sew Crafty Friday post. This is a very easy bag to make because most of the construction is done on a flat surface. I am teaching you the technique for making this tote bag, but what I want you to realize is that this technique can be used for any size tote bag you desire -- just change the dimensions.
You could make it a little larger for a little girl's purse, or a little larger still for a little girl's tote bag, or make it much bigger for an adult.

The bag you see here was made of light weight cotton and interfacing. But you could also make the outside of this bag from a heavier, stiffer fabric such as demin, canvas, upholstery fabric, or quilted fabric. The lining fabric should still be a lightweight cotton fabric.
Novelty fabric can customize it to the user's interests. It's easy flat construction make it a good beginner's project. It makes up very quickly -- great for gift giving.

Although this bag has no closure, it would be a simple to add velcro or a snap.
Okay, you get the idea, so let's get started!
It will be helpful to read all the directions, before starting your project.

Step 1
You will cut
1 piece 10 1/2" x 6 3/4" from the fabric you choose for the outside of the tote
1 piece 8" x 6 3/4" for the pocket
1 piece 10 1/2" x 6 3/4" from coordinating fabric for the linining of the tote
1 piece 10 1/2" x 6 3/4" from interfacing
2 pieces of 3/8" wide grosgain ribbon - each piece will be 16 1/2" long
Step 2
As shown in the photo below, sandwich the interfacing between the two pieces of fabric of the same size. The wrong side of both fabrics would face the interfacing. Now stitch both short sides 1/4" from the edge. Stitch both long edges 1/4" from the edge.

Step 3
Align the short edges and fold in half to determine the center of the long sides. Mark the center of both long sides. As shown measure and mark 3/4" on each side of that center mark.

Step 4
Turn over the short ends 1/4" and press. Then turn it over 3/4" and press. Stitch in place through all layers of fabric. Repeat for other side. (This will form the finished edge around the top of the tote bag.

Step 5
Turn the long ends of the pocket section over 1/4" and press. Turn over 1/4" again and press. Stitch in place. Do this step for both long sides of pocket section.

Step 6
Align long sides of pocket section and fold in half. Mark center of both short sides.

Step 7
Being careful not to twist -- stitch together the two pieces of ribbon (used for straps) to form a circle. Press seams open.

Step 8
With right sides facing up, match the center mark of the tote with the center marks of the pocket section. Pin securely in place. See photo below for placement.Step 9
Measure and mark right side of fabric 1 3/4" along both long sides.

Step 10
Turn fabic over. Lining side will be facing you. Stitch along the lines you marked in Step 3. This stitching will form the bottom of the pockets.

Step 11
Pin the ribbon along the placement lines you marked in Step 9. Be certain that the seams of the ribbon are aligned with the center of the base of the tote. This will insure that the handles are the same size. See photo below.
Step 12
Edgestitch both sides of the ribbon.

Step 13 (Optional)
If you desire to add a fastener (Velcro or snaps). Now is the time. Center between the handles and stitch on.

Step 14

Fold the Tote in half as shown below. Stitch sides of tote. and press.

Step 15
Fold the tote as in the photo below. Align the side seams with the center of the base of the tote. This is IMPORTANT as it makes the mitered corners straight. Stitch across the base of the triangle, using the stiching for the bottom of the pockets as your guidelines. Restitch directly on top of first stitching to reinforce.

Turn right side out and you are DONE!

Now, wasn't that easy?

The variations on this bag are LIMITLESS. Use your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY.

If you do this project, I would LOVE to see it. Post a picture on your blog of your finished projects. Then use the choxbox on the side bar to give me the name of your blog and your blog address.

Didn't your mama always tell you to SHARE?

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