Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fresh As a Daisy

This is the latest addition to my Etsy Shoppe. I had such a good time making this set -- it reminded me of the matching outfits that I used to make my kids when they were little. I love the Little Guy's cap.

The dress collar is fashioned from a cut-work embroidered, vintage handerchief that I found last summer at the flea market. The blue in the collar is an excellent match for the blue stripes in the seersucker fabric. I thought the flower headband was a great way to update this otherwise traditional outfit.

I needed to chase away my winter doldrums by sewing something that was fresh and airy like the spring I am soooooooooooooo longing for. ;D


Rebecca said...

They are lovely! So springy and cheerful!

That is precisely what I was hoping to do by creating something each week until spring-but I have yet to do something so springy and wonderful. I think I might like to make matchy matchy Easter outfits for all the children.

I go to the store and drool over easter things but you spend $20.00 (at best) a pop but that adds up with three children. AND, now that Corynn is getting older, the styles are getting....not very "pretty" and much more teenager-y. I refuse to allow my six year old to dress like a you-know-what. I think we need to somehow reinvent lovely clothing lines for older girls~there is SUCH a lack.

Anyway. (THAT was a tangent)
I was thinking simple dresses for girls and a matching tie (or vest) for Andrew.

Do you think I have it in me?!

Mom2fur said...

Absolutely adorable, as usual!

LOL, my word verification is 'ceate.' It's only missing the "R"!

My big exciting project in the past days has been potholders. I have some of that insulated batting stuff. I'm trying to do a St. Pat's theme with green and gold.
I'm also working on an apron, which I'll blog about soon. It's one of those 'slowly but surely' projects.
Hope you are doing well!

Nanci said...


I think the matching outfits for Easter are a wonderful idea. Do I think you have it in you? I KNOW you have it in you!!!!
I am always amazed at how much you have grown in your sewing abilities in just a couple of short years. Your advantage is in your wonderful creative spirit. Can't Wait to see the outfits when you've finished them.


So glad you dropped in for a visit. I always get a little blurb when you've posted something new, and then I drop by for a visit. I really miss the Sew Crafty Friday posts, I always loved to see what you were working on. I'll be watching to see your St. Pat's Day theme items and the apron. I LOVE aprons.

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