Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Unearthing

I'm not sure that "The Unearthing" is the appropriate title for this post. . . We really weren't moving earth, but rather that fluffy white stuff. Maybe I should have called this the "Excavation" or "The Archaeological Dig" for DIG WE DID!

A few of you might have noticed that I have been missing from the blog neighborhood for over a month. My precious father-in-law was hospitalized on the 18th of December. Since that time he underwent five procedures including a cardiac valve replacement and bypass. This left Bill's mom lonely at home. #1 Daughter stayed over several nights during that time to help ease her loneliness. Last Friday night was one of those nights. This is was greeted her at 5:30 Saturday morning. Fortunately, she was within walking distance of work.

After digging ourselves out at home, we decided to surprise #1 by going into town and digging out her car. We weren't quite expecting what we saw. It was only a large (VERY LARGE) bump in the snow.

Ahhh. . . it's not a wooly mammoth -- it's a little car.

Bill had to exchange his snowblower for a shovel.

The last few shovelfuls, and we were done at last (We thought)! Oh yeah, we then realized that we needed to dig out Gram's car, too. And then the Man-child got an offer he couldn't refuse. A man at Gram's apartment building offered him $25 to shovel his car out as well.

Believe me, we were ready to sit down when we FINALLY finished.

Y Blessings,


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