Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Happy To Be Back

On Saturday, this is the view to which we awoke here at Brambleberry Cottage.
See the little speck in the snow on the picnic table. Let's take a closer look. . .

This was our measurement at about 9:00 a.m. We had a couple more inches before it stopped snowing in late morning.

This pic might not look like anything spectacular, but when you know the history to this picture, you understand why we are praising the Lord for such a simple thing as snowblowing . My guy has come a long way in the past year and a half, although his man-child sure liked playing with Dad's toy last year.

Y Blessings,



Deb said...

I've thought about you several times with all of this snow going on!!! Stay warm and safe!! Oh...enjoy some snowcream for me!!!

Rebecca said...

holy toledo! I must say: as "blue" as this winter has got me...I ought to be thankful for what has been given me. We have mostly hard, brown, dead ground...which makes chores so much easier.

Glad to see you back! Missed you. MISS you.

Sue Bridges said...

Wow, it puts the little bit of snow that we had here in the Uk to shame, although I have to say it has not snowed as bad as it did where I live since I was a little girl and that is some many years ago now. Have looked in a couple of times to see what you had been up to, hope everything is okay now. Sue

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