Tuesday, April 6, 2010

History Repeats Itself

Per special request, this post addresses our dear daughter's recent hair cut.

For reference, this is the before shot. . .

5 and these, of course are the after shots. 6
She donated the hair to Locks of Love.

Seven years ago, as a 12 year old she made her first donation after hearing of other children who had lost their hair due to illness. Realizing she had plenty to spare (she's always had VERY thick hair), she asked to have her hair cut to help other children who needed wigs.

Way back then, this was the before shot. . .

and this was the after shot.
I am so grateful to God for her compassionate heart.


Lana said...

wow :) I've done it (donated my hair) 2 or three times (not sure actually...) It's a very special feeling, sad but oh so happy :) Not sure if I could bear to cut more than an inch off of my hair if it wasn't for a good reason.
... I really like my hair long, but this is reminding me why I've donated it before. I'm considering it again. I'll have to see how my Luke would feel about it...

Oh, btw, I love her new hairstyle, it's beautiful! (she's beautiful!)

Bonnie said...

She looks like a model in that top photo, its is stunning!
I love her hair cut! She is one of those people bleesed to look good with long or short hair!

I always wanted to do locks of love, but my hair was always just a bit to short.
What a wonderful gift!

Mom2fur said...

I just love the haircut! It is so sweet of your daughter to donate to Locks of Love. I think that is a wonderful organization and only wish it had been around when I was younger.

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